National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award, 2013


No. HNG/9C-7-2009/27/(1), Date: 04.01.2013


The MSVP/ CMOH/ Superintendent/ Medical Superintendent/ Surgeon Superintendent/ PNO/ DPHNO/ Nursing Superintendent/ Sr. Sister Tutor

Ref: D.O. NO. V. 14025/2/2012-N dt. 11th December, 2012 from Jt. Secy., Ministry of Health & FW, Govt. of India.

Sub: Recommendation for National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award, 2013.

You are requested to recommend one Nursing personnel which one is applicable for your Institution from each category i.e. 1) Grade I (i)/ Gr. I (ii)/ Gr. II/ Gr. III 2) Health Assistant (F) 3) HS (F)/ PHNs Gr. II/ Sr. PHN Gr. I (ii) under your control for nomination of National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award, 2013 as a mark of highest recognition for meritorious services of the nurses and nursing profession in the country.

The names of the nominees along with their resume and documentary proofs in support of claim for award should reach to the undersigned by 15th February, 2013.

Selection criteria, Application Form and Instruction for preparing resume of nominees for the award are given in the attached Annexure I, II and III respectively.

Enclo: As stated.

Sd/- Dy. Director of Health Services
(Nursing), West Bengal



1. The nominations should be called from State Government, Central Government, Private institutions/ Missionaries and Prominent Voluntary organizations of the concerned State.

2. All nominations should be handled by the Secretary of Health and Family Welfare of the concerned State.

3. The applications of the recommended Awardees must invariably be sent after making selection by the State Selection Committee headed by Secretary, Health and Family Welfare.

4. (a) No nomination in any case should be sent without considering and recommendation of the State Selection Committee. If the nomination is received without the recommendation that will not be considered by the Central Selection Committee.

4. (b) Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience in any one of the avenue, in case of, extraordinary performance age may not be a constraint.

5. The nurse selected for a national meritorious award should furnish documents to the satisfaction of the selection committee that she/he has performed beyond the normal expectation of the job when compared to others with equivalent attributes according to one or more of the following criteria. The instructions for preparing resume of the nominee are at Annexure – III and should be strictly followed:-


6. (i) The nurse in her/his regular job in the hospital or community contributes to improve patient/family community care by exceeding the limitations of the job functions as demonstrated by:

a. Development or organization of a unit of responsibility which provides extraordinary care to patients by increasing own skills and knowledge, developing staff procuring supplies and equipment, streamlining techniques and maintaining esprit de corps sufficient to bring recognition to the employing organization in the medical community.

b. Development of a community or section of a community in the betterment of their collective health status through increasing own skills and knowledge, developing staff procuring supplies and resources, and maintaining esprit de corps sufficient to bring recognition to the employing organization in the medical community:

6 (ii) The nurse who has a regular job but in times of emergency of crisis such as accident, fire, flood or famine, which may occur at any time, performs in a heroic manner without regard to her/his own time, safety and/or possessions as demonstrated by:

a. Rescuing a person (s) under hazardous conditions.

b. Performing life saving techniques with a successful outcome.

c. Prevention of a catastrophe by initiative taken or leadership assumed without official sanction (firefighting, evacuation, mob control)

d. Remaining at post over an extended period of time which aids in the recovery of a group community following a disaster such as organizing communication, nutrition first aid, evacuation or other activities which become necessary in emergencies.

6. (iii) The nurse who has regular job in the Hospital/Community is:

a. Associated/contributed extra ordinary with activities or programmes such as Leprosy Control, Tuberculosis, HIV Aids, Cancer care, Palliative care, Mental Health, other communicable and non-communicable illness, Psychiatric Mental Health, old age management, Special children (Mental Retardation physically challenged, under privileged) and Contribution in National Health Programme.

b. Working in difficult areas like Tribal and other interior remote area


7. The nurse in her/his regular job in an educational setting contributes to the quality or quantity of education excess of the job expectations as demonstrated by:

a. Development or initiation of an innovative curriculum programme of study or teaching materials that brings recognition to the organization which pays her/his salary.

b. Preparation of textbook, teaching manual or educational film that is accepted and used beyond her/his educational setting and brings recognition to the organization which pays her/his salary.

c. Contributing in the research activities/ articles/ workshops/ conferences/ publications towards the standard of education (NEW).


8. Nurse in her/his job in an administrative setting in terms of hospitals/ community/ educational institutions/ any other agencies/heading any nursing sector.


a. Contribution towards standard of patient care in the hospital, OR
b. Improvement made in the status and welfare of the community, OR
c. Performance in excelling the educational standard in the teaching institution, OR
d. Innovative changes made in the administrative set up.

Annexure – III


1. The narration should give the time, the place, the circumstances, the deed and the recognition of the event which qualifies the individual for nomination. Newspaper articles, journal articles, letters of appreciation of other documentation which strengthen candidate’s application could be sent.

2. The committee is looking for outstanding performance or that performance which is beyond the normal expectations held for every satisfactory employees. Normally one expects every employees to report on time for duty, to report when assigned for duty, to be clean, neat, courteous and loyal to the employer. Normally one expects employees to be prepared for the position they hold and be responsible for their own continuing education through self-study or participation in service or formal through self study or participation in service or formal continuing education programme. It s expected that the nurse will work as a member o the team to improve nursing care and nursing education.

3. Past education and experience of the individual may be documented but that in itself will not contribute to the selection of the nominee. The Committee is looking for outstanding performance which occur as the result or in spite of education and experience.

4. Mere listing of distinctions received in educational programme are not to be encourage as many of the outstanding deeds in history have been performed by persons who were not outstanding academically.

5. Avoid use of sweeping statements and the use of subjective adjectives such as a devoted, enthusiastic, living example, good service record, very good work selfless worker, honest, efficient and meritorious record etc. The facts only should be brought out.

6. The resume should not be more that two pages.

No. HNG-27 dated 04.01.2013, Source

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