Online Submission of Option Form due to ROPA, 2019

Update: Last Date of Online Option Submission for ROPA, 2019

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 6715-F(Y) Date: 10.12.2019


Sub: Introduction of online submission of option form due to ROPA, 2019 and issuance of pay fixation of order from HRMS

The Government of West Bengal has notified Revision of Pay and Allowances of the State Government employees vide Notification No. 5562-F dated 25th September, 2019 (ROPA, 2019).

In order to facilitate the task of pay fixation with the help of technology, the Governor is pleased to allow pay fixation of State Government employees due to Revision of Pay and Allowances, 2019 through HRMS module of iFMS for those employees having a valid HRMS ID and who will be in service as on. 1.1.2020.

2. According to the order mentioned above the employees must submit their option online or offline, as the case may be, within 24.12.2019.

3. The ‘Option form’ for Pay fixation as per Schedule IV of Notification No. 5562-F dated 25th September, 2019 shall be submitted by the employees online through their eSE login (eServices for employees) in iFMS portal. Based on the option form submitted by an employee, the Head of Office or any authority who has been delegated the function of Head of Office to revise pay as per ROPA, 2019 shall generate pay fixation orders from HRMS itself. After approval of the pay fixation by the Head of Office/or the delegated authority, the pay of the employee will automatically be revised as per ROPA’ 2019 with effect from the date of option. If an employee submits option form online in HRMS through eSE, no manual copy of option form (Schedule IV) is to be submitted to the office. However, if for any reason like submission of pension papers, a printed copy of the option form is needed later on, the office may take a print out from the operator/approver login and authenticate it with the following certificate “It is authenticated that this option form was submitted by the employee online in HRMS. This option form, being a computer-generated document, does not require signature of the employee.”

4. In exceptional cases, where the employee cannot fill in the Option form from ESE login, will fill in the Option form (Schedule IV) manually, sign it and then submit the same to the office entrusted with the task of pay fixation within 24.12.2019. The Operator of Head of Office will fill in the Option form online on behalf of that employee, upload the scanned copy of “physical option form” submitted by the employee for future reference and fix pay of that employee online in HRMS on the basis of such option through his/her Operator log in and forward it to the next higher level – the Recommending or the Approving authority – as the case may be.

5. For employees for whom pay fixation order has been generated from the system, no modification in basic pay details is to be made by the DDO manually as the same will be updated automatically. The following allowances will also be updated automatically in the system in batches at the respective rates notified in Memo. No. 5563-F dated 25/09/2019:-

a) House Rent Allowance

b) Medical Allowance

c) Risk/Hazard Allowance

d) Hill Compensatory Allowance

e) Washing/Kit Maintenance Allowance

f) Extra Duty Allowance

g) Conveyance Allowance

h) Additional remuneration for protocol duties

i) Non-Practicing Allowance

6. The DDOs must check the pay bills of all employees meticulously before submitting the same into the Treasury for drawal of salary bill.

7. The employees who have joined a State Government service after 01/01/2016 need not fill up Option form and their Pay fixation for conversion from ROPA’ 2009 to ROPA’ 2019 will be initiated by the Operator of the concerned Head of Office.

8. Salary of those employees who are drawing salary as per ROPA Rules, 2009 shall not be allowed, if pay fixation under ROPA, 2019 is not done through HRMS.

9. Pay fixation under ROPA 2019 cannot be done for those employees, if any, who are drawing salary under any ROPA prior to 2009. As such their pay will continue to be drawn as is being done presently.

10. For the process of online submission of option form and pay fixation in HRMS, the “Creation of workflow” functionality as introduced vide G.O. No. 6716 dated 10.12.2019 is mandatory.

11. The detailed guideline is available in WBIFMS portal under ‘Guidelines’ section.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Additional Chief Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 6715-F dated 10.12.2019, Source

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