Guidelines for Payment of Bills for Financial Year 2013-14

Government of West Bengal
Finance (Audit) Department
Mandirtala, 325, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee Road, Howrah-711102.

No. 140(65)-F(Y) Howrah, the 8th January, 2014

From: Shri Gautam Samanta
Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

To: The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary

Sir/ Madam,

It has been experienced that during the final months i.e February and March of the financial year large number of bills are presented before the Kolkata Pay & Accounts Offices-I, II & III leading to huge accumulation of bills in those offices and extreme pressure of the staff concerned.There is likelihood of committing mistakes resulting in complications when the Officers & Staff are to work under high stress. Such a situation is avoidable if submissions of the bills are made in systematic and phased manner. Finance Department issues guidelines every year in this respect and these are reiterated in the following manner for the financial year 2013- 2014 for adherence

A. Sanction issued uptoDate by which bills are to be submitted to Pay & Accounts Offices
B. Bills against Contingent Expenses incurred and TA bills for the Journeys undertaken up toDate by which bills are to be submitted to Pay & Accounts Offices
All other Bills24.03.2014

C) The Salary Bills for March 2014 should be presented by 14.03.2014.

D) Bills for other personal claims must be submitted on or before 14.03.2014.

E) i) Bills returned upto 04.02.2014 shall be resubmitted on or before 14.02.2014.

ii) Bills returned after 04.02.2014 up to 17.03.2014 shall be resubmitted within 7 days from the date of return and the bills returned between 18th & 24th March, 2014 shall be resubmitted within 27th March, 2014.

iii) Bills returned on 27.03.2014 & 28.03.14 shall be resubmitted on the same day by 3.00 p.m.

iv) Bills returned before 2 p.m on 31.03.2014 shall be resubmitted by 2 p.m and the subsequent returned bills should be submitted within an hour from the time of return and after 8 p.m on 31.03.2014 no resubmission of bills should be allowed.

F) Closing of March, 2014 accounts shall be completed by the midnight of 31st March, 2014. Cheque(s) remaining undelivered on 31.03.2014 shall be cancelled forthwith so that no cheques are delivered next day under any circumstances. Tills should be strictly adhered to.

G) You are therefore, requested to please issue suitable instructions to all drawing and disbursing officers under your administrative control and under the payment control of Kolkata Pay & Accounts Offices to strictly follow the above programmes so that the work in Kolkata Pay & Accounts Offices can be carried out smoothly at the end of the financial year. Failure to comply with the above time schedule may lead to non-realisation of bills for which D.D.Os shall be responsible.

H) No advance drawal shall be made without specific concurrence of the concerned Administrative Group of the Finance Department. No amount shall be credited to the Deposit Account (PL/LF/ Deposit Account) unless specific authorisation to that effect is given in the G.O. However, this restriction shall not apply to those accounts opened under statutory provisions.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- G. Samanta
Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

No. 140-F dated 08.01.2014, Source

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