Guidelines for Presenting Bills at Treasury/ PAO, 2018-2019

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
NABANNA, Howrah – 711 102

No. 1214-F(Y) Dated, Howrah the 20th February, 2019


It has been experienced that large numbers of bills are presented before the Treasuries/Pay & Accounts Offices leading to huge accumulation of bills in the Treasuries/Pay & Accounts Offices, during the month of Financial Year Closing, every year. To ensure smooth processing of bills/claims, submission of bills in a systematic and phased manner is very important. Finance Department issues guidelines every year in this respect and like previous occasions all the DDOs are requested to adhere to the following schedule for submission of bills for the Financial Year 2018-2019:


Sl. No.DescriptionDate by which bills/ Advices are to be submitted to Treasury/PAO
ASanction/Allotment received upto: 28.02.2019



26.03.2019 onwards




On daily basis

BBill on account of arrear Salaries, T.A. incl. LTC/TC, Other allowances & Other Personal claims etc.

For Journey completed before-



No further claims will be entertained at Treasuries thereafter.



CSalary bills for all categories of employees for the Month of March 201915.03.2019
EBills of Office Expenses and other charges of recurring nature. (Subject to Point A)20.03.2019
FWorks & Forest Division bills from the Deposit Account maintained at the Treasury/PAO in TR-70B & 70C20.03.2019
GWorks & Forest Division Bills in TR-70 against Sanction/ Allotment issued upto-




After 20.03.2019





HE-Advices of the Deposit Account relating to Salary and other expenses20.03.2019

1. All Sub-Allotting Officer shall distribute the fund to the DDOs for drawal and disbursement well ahead without holding them unnecessarily in hand.

2. The Treasuries as and when necessary, may immediately be strengthened temporarily by deputation of Staff from other sections of the District or Sub-Divisional Offices till the end of Financial Year. District Magistrate and Sub-Divisional Officers shall look into the matter well ahead.

3. No new bills shall be received by the Treasury/Pay & Accounts Offices after 4 p.m. on 29.03.2019.

4. Bills returned/objected before 14.03.2019 shall be submitted by 15.03.2019. Bills returned/objected during the period 15.03.2019 to 22.03.2019 must be resubmitted by 23.03.2019. Bills returned between 23.03.2019 and 27.03.2019 must be re-submitted by very next day. Bills returned on 28.03.2019 & 29.03.2019 must be resubmitted by 4 p.m. on the same day of objection.

5. No bill shall be passed under any head of account for which no allotment has been received during the entire current financial year.

6. No advance shall be drawn without specific concurrence of the Finance Department, Gr.T. U.O No of the Finance Department shall invariably be quoted in all orders sanctioning advance.

7. No amount shall be transferred to the PL/LF deposit account unless specific authorization is given in the Government order except where there are standing orders authorizing such transfer with the concurrence of Finance Department. No concurrence of Finance Department will be required for making payments of Grants to Grantee Institutions and for making payments to implementing agencies under Rule 47D of WBFR and as per FD Memo No. 3626-F(Y) dated- 10.07.2014.

8. Treasury/Pay, & Accounts Offices shall dispose of all the bills received within 3 days as usual by way of generation of Payment mandate/delivery of cheques/Delivery of Nil Bill Statements. However bills received after 15.03.2019 shall be cleared by Treasury/Pay & Accounts Offices on day to day basis with an aim to start with nil pending bills on 28.03.2019 & 29.03.2019.

9. Treasury Officer/Pay & Accounts Officer/Additional Treasury Officer/Additional Pay & Accounts Officer shall arrange for the generation of Payment mandate/delivery of cheques/Nil Bill Statements/PL Transfer Statements, if any, as soon as bills are passed and. ensure that no mandate/cheque/Nil Bill/PL transfer statements are pending for delivery through system on 29.03.2019.

10. Salary for the month of March, 2019 in respect of State Government employees, Employees of Non-Government aided educational institutions, Libraries, Panchayat Bodies; and Salaries paid out of deposit accounts/ Grant-in-aid etc. shall be paid on 02.04.2019. Monthly Wages, Honorarium, Remuneration, Stipend shall also be paid on 02.04.2019. Monthly Pension for the month of March, 2019 shall be paid on 02.04.2019. Treasury/Pay & Accounts Offices shall generate mandate on RBI soon after the bills are passed, for credit into the Beneficiary Account to be scheduled on 2nd April, 2019.

11. District Magistrate and Sub-divisional Officer in the outlaying sub-division shall issue necessary instructions on the above lines to the DDOs so that the work in the Treasuries can be completed smoothly at the close of the financial year.

12. Monthly accounts for the month of March, 2019 must be submitted to the Office of the Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal by 12.04.2019.

13. In respect of the DDOs whose jurisdiction will be shifted from one treasury to another w.e.f. 01.04.2019 shall submit the pay bills for the month of March 2019 with new DDO code to be issued by DTA, WB at the new Treasury within the 1st week of the April, 2019. All other bills for this financial year shall he submitted at the present Treasury following the time schedule given in Table above.

Additional Chief Secretary
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 1214-F dated 20.02.2019, Source

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