Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal

Update: No. 5670-WT dated 19.12.2016 on the same subject


No. 612-WT/3M-09/2013 Date: 25th February 2013


Whereas, registration of motor vehicles has been a subject dealt with in Chapter-IV of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and in Chapter III of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989;

Whereas, Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 specifically mentions the certifying agencies that grant certificates as to the compliance of provisions of the Act and relevant Rules;

Whereas, the Government of West Bengal in the Transport Department vide No. 2446(26)-WT dated 12-03-1991 requested the Registering Authorities in the State not to register any new model vehicle manufactured by different automobile manufacturers without approval of the Transport Department;

Whereas, the number of different automobile manufacturers has since been steadily increasing in the country and the number of models/ prototypes/ variants of the different vehicles has also been multiplying over the years;

Whereas, the manufacturers/ dealers/ purchasers of new vehicles have since been complaining about the delays in registration process, occasionally allegedly leading to flight of registration of vehicles to the neighbouring States (involving loss of revenue for this State);

Whereas, it has been legally opined that the State Government has no direct role or obligation in the registration process, or in the process of prototype vehicle certification or in granting permission for registering a particular model of a vehicle;

Now, therefore, after careful consideration of all the factors involved and in supersession of all earlier orders and practices, the Governor is pleased to decide and direct that the Registering Authorities of this State will henceforth register the vehicles as per laws and rules and on satisfaction of compliance of all the technical points and standards as are enshrined in the laws and the rules and on due checking of all the documents and vehicle testing reports as are involved in such examination.

The Government of West Bengal will henceforth generally refrain from making observations on specific cases of models/ prototypes/ variants but it may, however, from time to time issue directions with regard to particular cases, if necessary and/ or with regard to policies for general guidance of the Registering Authorities.

This shall take immediate effect.

By order of the Governor,

Principal Secy. to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 612-WT dated 25.02.2013

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