Vehicle Registration

SOP for Sale or Purchase of Registered Vehicles


The authorized dealers of registered vehicles so licensed has to keep separate movement log book for each vehicle and record every movement of the vehicle in such log book and should be carried in the vehicle when used in public place.

Registration of New Models of Motor Vehicles in West Bengal


Registering Authorities will henceforth register the vehicles as per laws and rules and on satisfaction of compliance of all the technical points and standards as are enshrined.

Procedures for Allotment of Vehicle Registration Number

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Registration marks to be used for temporary registration by the Registering Authorities, which will be uniform throughout the State and will also be readily identifiable.

Introduction of Bike-Taxi Service in Kolkata

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Bike-taxis shall be used as a “Contract Carriage”. The service provider shall develop an “app” for the use of the hirer which should be informative in all respects.

Two Wheelers for Operation as Bike-Taxi in West Bengal

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To allow registration of two wheelers as ‘Contract Carriage’ for operation as “Bike-Taxi” to be introduced in the areas under New Kolkata Development Authority.

Motor Cycles can be registered as Contract Carriage in West Bengal


Motor cycles can be registered as contract carriages in West Bengal and permits issued by RTA, provided the operator obtains a licence in terms the Rent A Motor Cycle Scheme, 1997.

Registration Code of Transport and Non-Transport Vehicles


Governor is pleased to allot/reallot the Code Nos. to the Registering Authorities for the new twenty one Motor Vehicle offices and the existing offices in the State of West Bengal.

Regional Transport Authority will act as Registering Authority


Governor is pleased to direct that all Regional Transport Authorities in West Bengal will act as Registering Authority for the purpose of the Carriage by Road Act, 2007.