Registration Code of Transport and Non-Transport Vehicles

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhawan
12, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 107-WT/3M-07/2006 Date: 09/01/2015


WHEREAS, in terms of the existing arrangements the Government of India allots registration marks to the State Government which in its turn assigns the Registering Authority(ies) office codes;

AND, WHEREAS, the Government of India in the Ministry of Surface Transport allotted the letters “WB” to this State for use as registration marks vide S.O. 444(E) dated 12.06.1989, and in pursuance thereof the State Government allotted Code Nos. to different Registering Authorities in the State of West Bengal vide No. 7782-WT/3M-19/86 Pt. II dated 03.07.1989;

AND, WHEREAS, such allotments and re-allotments of registration codes were last made vide No. 1357-WT/3M-07/2006 dated 13.04.2012, when setting up of twenty-one new MV offices was sanctioned;

AND, WHEREAS, four new MV offices have been sanctioned vide Nos. 4674-WT/TR/0/8E-12/2014 dated 25.11.2014 and 4974-WT/TR/3M-25/2011 dated 11.12.2014;

AND, WHEREAS, Code Nos. are required to be allotted to the Registering Authority(ies) for the aforesaid four new offices;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Governor is hereby pleased to allot/reallot the Code Nos. to the Registering Authorities for the new offices and the existing offices as shown in the Table below in partial modification of Notification No. 7782-WT/3M-19/86 Pt. II dated 03.07.1989 and Notification No. 4974-WT/TR/3M-25/2011 dated 11.12.2014.


Sl. No.Name of the Registering AuthorityDistrictCategory of VehicleRegistration marks to be used
1PVD, BehalaKolkataTransport vehiclesWB09
Non-transport vehiclesWB10
2SrirampurHooghlyTransport vehiclesWB17 to WB17M
Non-transport vehiclesWB18K to 18S
3ArambaghHooghlyTransport vehiclesWB17N to WB17Z
Non-transport vehiclesWB18T to WB18Z
4JhargramPaschim MedinipurTransport vehiclesWB49 to WB49M
Non-transport vehiclesWB50 to WB50M
5GhatalPaschim MedinipurTransport vehiclesWB49N to WB49Z
Non-transport vehiclesWB50N to WB50Z
6ContaiPurba MedinipurTransport vehiclesWB31 to WB31M
Non-transport vehiclesWB32 to WB32M
7HaldiaPurba MedinipurTransport vehiclesWB31N to WB31Z
Non-transport vehiclesWB32N to WB32Z

This comes into force with immediate effect.

By order of the Governor

Additional Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 107-WT dated 09.01.2015

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