Procedures for Allotment of Vehicle Registration Number

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhaban
12, R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 5448-WT/TR/3M-07/2006 Date – 02.12.2016


The State Government has issued orders on registration marks to be used for permanent registration by the various Registering Authorities in this State. The State Government has also decided to introduce e-Vahan in all such offices along with delivery of public services. It is, therefore, necessary in terms of sub-Rule 5 of Rule 60 of the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, that registration marks to be used for temporary registration by the Registering Authorities of this State, which will be uniform throughout the State and will also be readily identifiable.

It is, therefore, ordered that temporary registration marks, to be used by the Registering Authorities of this State, shall be in the manner as detailed below:

1. In case of Permanent Registration:

The use of the letter T after the “State Code (SC)” and the “Registering Authority Code (RAC)” in case of any new permanent registration shall be stopped forthwith in all offices. For example, no permanent registration number will be issued, henceforth, which is preceded by “WBXYT” or “WBXXT” (where ‘XY’ denotes the already assigned ‘RAC’ for non-transport vehicles and ‘XX’ denotes the same for transport vehicles).

2. In case of Temporary Registration:

a. All offices should use their ‘SC’ followed by ‘RAC’, as assigned already by the State Government, separately for transport and non-transport. In PVD, Beltala WB01TX for two wheelers, and likewise, WB02TX for cars, WB03X for goods vehicles and WB04TX for passenger transport vehicles may continue to be used with ‘X’ denoting the last character in use now.

b. Existing use of the letters ‘WBXYTA’ or ‘WBXXTB’ (where ‘XY’ denotes the ‘RAC’ for non-transport vehicles and ‘XX’ denotes the same for transport vehicles) in any office generated either manually or through application software, will be continued likewise. For example after ‘SC’ followed by the ‘RAC’ it will be ‘TA’ or ‘TB’ (as the case may be) and then the serial to be continued from the last such number by which the last temporary registration number has been issued by that authority.

c. All new offices where temporary registration is not being done as on today, or, any office that is using any other form of unrecognisable registration series or mark for temporary registration, should start issuing temporary registration from ‘WBXYTA0001’, ‘WBXXTA0001’ forthwith, where ‘XY’ denotes the assigned RAC for non-transport vehicles and ‘XX’ denotes the same for transport vehicles, for that office.

This order is issued in the interest of public.

Sd/- B. Dasgupta
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 5448-WT dated 02.12.2016

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