Special Operation Group in North Bengal to tackle KLO


Office of the Director General of Police &
Inspector General of Police West Bengal
Nabanna, Howrah

Police Order No. 1 /2014 Dtd. 09.01.2014.

Keeping in view the sudden spurt in activities of militant organizations in North Bengal, especially the Kamtapuri Liberation Organization in recent days, it is felt that a dedicated Special Operation Group is the need of the hour to effectively monitor and counter such activities. Accordingly, it has been decided to form a Special Operation Group under the overall supervision and guidance of DGP & IGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal.

The day to day activities and the operations of the S.O.G. will be monitored by the Commissioner of Police, Siliguri assisted by one DCP/ ADCP in whose jurisdiction the S.O.G. should be suitably located. The Special Operation Group will further be divided into three Sub-Groups for various activities.

The Sub-Groups would be as under:

1) Special intelligence Cell

The main function of the Special Intelligence Cell will be cultivation of suitable contacts and sources among the various militant groups operating in North Bengal, particularly the KLO, ULFA and NDFB. Further the Group will be responsible for analysis of human and technical intelligence inputs and to provide the same to the Operation Group for formulating the operations against the militant organizations. This group will be headed by DIG, Jalpaiguri Range assisted by SS, IB, North Bengal.

2) Operation Group

The Operation Group will consist of Officers and men having actual field experience in planning and execution of operation, based on the intelligence inputs provided by the Special Intelligence Cell. The Group will work in close co-operation with the SPs of North Bengal under the supervision of the IG, North Bengal and Commissioner of the Police, Siliguri under the guidance of DGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal. The need based co-operation of other agencies like IB, West Bengal, CID, West Bengal, Assam Police as well as the Central IB will be taken for successful culmination of the operation. The area of operation of the Special Operation Group will cover all the districts of North Bengal and in certain cases to any other place of the State except Kolkata with the approval of the DG & IGP, West Bengal.

The composition of the above 2 sub-groups will be worked out under the guidance of DGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal.

3) Investigation

The CID will form an SIT to investigate important cases of violence and subversive activities by KLO terrorists in all the districts of North Bengal. CID will also provide necessary help to the districts in the investigation of the cases relating to KLO/ terrorist activities. The CID will monitor the day to day progress of the cases investigated by it in various Courts of North Bengal and other places including the bail matters etc. ADG, CID will ensure that the SIT is properly manned and supervised.

The CID will work in close co-ordination with the S.O.G. and take their assistance in the investigation of these cases. SS, CID, Siliguri shall be a member of the S.O.G.

Logistics/ manpower:

1) Manpower

The various Units of the SOG will be manned by Officers and men with adequate experience in tackling activities of the militant groups from the districts of North Bengal. The Officers and men will be selected by the DGP & IGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal in consultation with the Commissioner of Police, Siliguri, IGP, North Bengal and SPs of North Bengal. The number of Officers and men required for the S.O.G. will be decided by the DGP & IGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal as per the need.

2) Arms. Ammunition & Other Equipments

The Officers of S.O.G. will be adequately equipped with sophisticated arms and ammunition, B.P. jackets, B.P. helmets, PATKA etc. In addition, they will be provided with necessary navigational equipments like G.P.S., Digital Maps, Night Vision Devices and Search Light etc.

3) Communication & Transport

The S.O.G. will be provided with adequate number of small vehicles, motor cycles and other communication equipments like wireless sets, mobile phones, computers, internet facilities and fixed landlines etc. for operational purposes. The above facilities will be provided by CP, Siliguri and respective districts, as per requirement. Police Directorate shall provide necessary sanctions, as per requirement, in this regard.

The DG & IGP, Coastal Security, West Bengal and in-charge of S.O.G. will report to DGP & IGP, West Bengal regarding the activities of the S.O.G., at regular intervals.

Sd /- G.M.P. Reddy
Director General & Inspector General of Police, West Bengal

Police Order No. 01/2014