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Guidelines for Registration of Births of Adopted Children


The Chief Medical Officer of Health of the district is to be involved in ascertaining the age and the Magistrate would ordinarily act on the certificate granted by him.

Benefit of Child Care Leave in respect of Adopted Child


Governor has been pleased to decide to extend the benefit of Child Care Leave in respect of the adopted child to the regular female employees.

Child Adoption Procedures in West Bengal

Women Development and Social Welfare.

Any single man or single woman or married couple having child or no child is eligible to adopt. Single man can not adopt a girl child. The total cost for adoption is Rs. 46,000/-

Adoption of Self-Declaration and Self-Attestation in School

School Education.

Candidates should put his/her full signature with date under the words “self-attested” on each of the pages of the documents submitted by them. However authority concerned may call for original documents any time for verification.

Issuing Caste Certificate to Adopted Children of OBC Category


The procedure of issuing Caste Certificates to the adopted sons and daughters of different persons belonging to SC/ST category can be applied mutatis mutandis in case of granting of OBC Certificates.

Child Care Leave in respect of Adopted Child


Governor has been pleased to decide to extend the Child Care Leave to the female Government Employees who legally adopted such child. All other conditions will remain same as in F.D Memo No. 9728-F(P), dated 24.10.2011 and No. 1364-F(P), dated 15.02.2012.

Child Adoption Leave for Staffs of Non-Govt. Aided Schools

School Education.

A female employee having less than two surviving children shall be entitled to child adoption leave of 135 days with full pay if she adopts a child less than 1 year of age.

Child Adoption Leave


Governor is pleased to decide that if a female employee with less than two surviving children, adopts a child of less than 1 year, she will be entitled to 135 days ‘Child adoption leave’.