Biometric Attendance System at Medical Colleges & Hospitals

Government of West Bengal
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Sasthya Bhavan, GA Branch.
GN 29, Sector V
Salt Lake City, Kolkata -700 091

No. HF/O/GA/W-1/2012, Date: 14.06.2012.


The Government in the Department of Health & Family Welfare has decided to introduce Bio Metric system of attendance in the 11 (eleven) Medical Colleges and Hospitals, 16 (sixteen) District Hospitals and other health facilities with a view to record and monitor of regular attendance of members of officers in a systematic manner through a automated computerized system based on finger print scanning. A tender has been floated vide this department’s Notice No. HF/O/GA/1579/W-13/12 dated 18.05.2012 to select suitable vendor.

2. For the purpose of proper installation and implementation of the system, a Technical Committee is hereby formed under the Chairmanship of OSD & E.O Spl Secretary (GA) of this department with the following members to consider and evaluate the technical proposals:

a. Joint Secretary, IT cell: member.
b. Joint Secretary, GA Branch: member.
c. PO, NRHM: member.
d. Suptd Engineer, WBMSC Ltd.: member.
e. Electrical Engineer, WBMSC Ltd.: member.
f. Representative of IT Dept, Govt of West Bengal: member.
g. Representative of NIC, West Bengal: member.
h. Representative of DHS, West Bengal: member.
i. Representative of DME, West Bengal: member.
j. Any other person or persons as may be nominated by the Chairman of the Committee as member.

3. The technical presentation by the Bidders will be held on 21st June, 2012 at 11.00 am in the 1st floor Conference Hall of this office.

Sd/- Joint Secretary

No. H/W-1 dated 14.06.2012

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