Employment on Compassionate Ground – Checklist

1) Whether the application is made in Proforma or not. If any application on the matter is made in plain paper, the applicant will be requested/ supplied the Prescribed Proforma for making the application;

2) In the Proforma application, the date of application must be mentioned by the applicant at the lower portion of Part-II of the Proforma application;

3) Photographs (Two Copies) of the applicant is to be authenticated by the appointing authority;

4) Following certificates/documents are to be scrutinised and verified :

a) Death certificate of the deceased employee;
b) Birth certificate of the applicant;
c) Educational certificate of the applicant;
d) SC/ST/OBC certificate (Where applicable);
e) Whether the deceased employee was a permanent staff;
f) Legal heir certificate issued by the appropriate authority;
g) No objection certificate from other members of the family of the deceased employee (Where applicable);

5) Calculation sheet showing the family income of the deceased employee taking into account the following four items

a) Family pension per month;
b) Interest @8% p.a. on the total amount received by the family after the death of the employee;
c) Declaration of the family members regarding monthly income from movable and immovable properties;
d) Declaration of the family members regarding monthly income of the dependants of the Ex-employee.

6) In the enquiry report of the Enquiry Committee, the following points must be covered:-

a) Enquiry report is to be submitted within a period of three months from the date of making application;

b) Enquiry to be made by the members of the Enquiry committee at the house of the deceased employee to know the financial status of the family;

c) During spot enquiry, particulars of the all dependants of the deceased like educational qualification, relationship with the deceased employee, living separately or with the family, different source of income, if any, of the family, whether other family members are employed on a regular basis or on a part time basis, are to be taken into account.

d) In the Enquiry Report three points must be mentioned

i) Genuineness of the prayer of the applicant;
ii) Present financial condition of the family of the deceased;
iii) If there is any immediate need of financial assistance for the family in the shape of employment-specific observation.

No. 201-Emp dated 30.12.2010

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