Employment on Compassionate ground in HRMS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
e-Governance Group

No. 3479-F(eGOV) Dated 25/05/2023

Sub: Introduction of online facility for dealing with the employment on compassionate ground in HRMS

Developing and integrating an online system for dealing with cases of employment on compassionate ground like Die in harness, Missing or Incapacitation of an existing employee has been under active consideration since sometime past.

Now the Governor has been pleased to introduce an online sub-module for handling employment prayers on compassionate grounds in the HRMS of WBIFMS. Underthis sub-module, the eligible applicant can access the self-registration facility to apply online for such appointment to the Office where the deceased/ missing / incapacitated employee was last posted. The applicant is required to upload the relevant documents along with the application. Aadhaar based digital signing facility has also been incorporated in this sub-module. The application along with such relevant documents shall be processed as per the existing process flow till the appointment order is generated through the system and issued to the incumbent.

The URL to access the facility for applying online is https://www.wbifms.gov.in/hrms/compassionate-employment.

Facility to enter and process the pending prayers for employment on compassionate ground (i.e., legacy data entry) has also been incorporated in the sub-module for the Administrative Departments under the Government of West Bengal. Administrative Departments are required to complete the legacy data entry within 3 (three) months hence. The Applicant and the concerned authorities can also view the application status online on real time basis.

The detailed guidelines concerning the modalities for submission and processing of online application on compassionate ground, will be issued shortly.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Chief Secretary, West Bengal

No. 3479-F dated 25.05.2023, Source

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