Duties and Responsibilities

Duty implies an obligation which an individual is expected to perform. Responsibility refers to the liability, as a part of his job role or position.

Revised Job Responsibility of Nursing Personnel under WBNS

Revised job responsibilities of different categories of nursing personnel under WBNS, Department of Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal according to annexure – I, II, III, & IV.


Nursing Superintendent – Duties & Responsibilities

Nursing Superintendent will act as the Liaison Officer between the Institution concerned and the Directorate of Health Services and other Nursing Officer of other Institution.


Deputy Nursing Superintendent – Duties and Responsibilities

Deputy Nursing Superintendent is second in command in the Nursing Administration of the hospital. She will be responsible for management and supervision of nursing services of the various department of the hospital.


Ward Sister – Duties and Responsibilities

Ward sister is the first level supervisor and team leader of the unit. She is directly accountable to the Nursing Superintendent through Deputy Nursing Superintendent for ward management and patient care.


Staff Nurse – Duties and Responsibilities

Staff Nurse is the first level professional Nurse in the hospital set up. She will be skilled nurse, giving expert bed side care to patient and executing special technical duties in the special areas like OT, ICU etc.


Nurse Practitioner in Midwifery – Duties & Responsibilities

Nurse Practitioner in midwifery will be responsible for promotion of health of women throughout their life cycle with special focus on adolescent childbearing years menopausal and their new born and children.


Role, Duty and Responsibility of Financial Advisers

Financial Adviser shall be competent to accord Administrative Approval for the projects/ schemes under 13th Finance Commissions Grants or under Backward Regions Grant Fund (Special).


Duties and Responsibilities of Para Teacher, VRP, Siksha Bandhu

Child tracking means tracking students who absent themselves from schools by visiting their houses and meeting their family and trying to bring them back to school.

School Education

Duties, Remuneration and Leave of Para Teacher

Para teachers will perform three major duties – (a) Remedial teaching (b) Child tracking (c) Teaching Learning Material (TLM) preparation for activity based learning in School.

School Education