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Property Tax

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Unit Area Assessment-Tax Capping) Regulations, 2017

Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

The amount of property tax payable by an owner or any person liable to pay property tax in respect of a property on the basis of fresh annual valuation made as per the provisions contained in the Act, shall not exceed one hundred and twenty per cent of the amount paid or payable as per the last valuation fixed by the KMC.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Self-Assessment System, Manner and Forms) Rules, 2017

Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Urban Development and Municipal Affairs.

Any owner of land comprising any building or any vacant land or covered space of building or any other person liable to pay the property tax or any occupier or lessee or sub-lessee, as the case may be, in the absence of such owner or person, shall file a return of self-assessment within sixty days from the date of final publication of the Scheme.