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Schedule of Rates

Unified Schedule of Rates of Irrigation and Waterways Department, West Bengal

Irrigation & Waterways.

This Unified Schedule of Rates is brought into effect from 19.01.2018 for all works under the Irrigation and Waterways Department, Govt. of West Bengal in supersession to all existing “Schedule of Rates”.

PHE Schedule of Rates for Civil and Mechanical/ Electrical Works

Public Health Engineering.

Schedule of Rates, both Civil and Mechanical/ Electrical with all corrigendum and addendum upto November, 2021. Schedule of Rates for Rig Bored Tubewells upto February, 2022.

Current PWD Schedule of Rates, West Bengal

Public Works.

Schedule of Rates (SOR), Public Works Department, Govt. of West Bengal, is published after the Incorporation of the GST Act, 2017, All Addenda and Corrigenda of SOR.