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A GPS tracking unit, geotracking unit, satellite tracking unit, or simply tracker is a navigation device normally on a vehicle, to determine its movement and location.

Conditional Certificate of Fitness to Ensure Installation of VLTD


Governor is also pleased to order that the Registering Authority issuing such conditional Certificate of Fitness will maintain record and ensure installation of VLTD or suspension of such conditional certificate of fitness.

Registration of New Vehicles only after Installation of Tracking Device


In case of new registration, the registering authorities shall register all such new vehicles, only after ensuring that the appropriate vehicle location tracking device has been attached in the appropriate manner in such vehicle;

SOPs for Vehicle Location Tracking System Device Fitment


For smooth implementation of the VLT system all enlisted VLT device manufacturers/ Vehicle OEM dealers/ Authorized dealers/ RFCs are hereby requested to follow Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

List of Empanelled VLTD Manufacturers in West Bengal


Vehicle Location Tracking Device manufacturers so empanelled vide this notification are authorised to sell and provide services, AMC and operate other related issues for the specified category of vehicle in West Bengal.

Installation of Vehicle Location Tracking Device by 31.03.2023


Subject to submission of a declaration on plain paper with supporting identity proof by the registered owners indemnifying themselves to complete the VLTD installation process by 31.03.2023 in the prescribed format.

Vehicle Location Tracking Device and Emergency Button


Governor is pleased to direct that the following categories of vehicles shall be equipped with or fitted with vehicle location tracking device and one or more emergency buttons at conspicuous position in public interest.