West Bengal Panchayat (Gram Panchayat Administration) Rules, 2004

Department of Panchayats and Rural Development
63, N.S.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700001

No. 3865/PN/O/I/3R-5/2003 Dated: 23.11.2004


The West Bengal Panchayat (Gram Panchayat Administration) Rules, 2004



1. Short Title and commencement.

2. Definition.

Gram Panchayat Administration

Leave of Pradhan, Upa Pradhan etc.

3. Leave of the Pradhan, Upa-Pradhan and other members.

Meetings of a Gram Panchayat

4. Preparation of a list of business.

5. Notice of the meeting to members.

6. Procedure of delivery of notice to members.

7. Presiding member to verify the service-return of the office copy of the notice of the list of business.

8. Adjournment of meeting for want of quorum.

9. Note to be kept of the failure to hold meeting for want of quorum.

10. Minute Book of meeting.

11. Resolution pressed for division

12. Manner of voting.

13. Voting by proxy prohibited.

14. Language in which minutes are to be recorded.

15. Person responsible to record the minute.

Report on the work of the Gram Panchayat

16. Report on the work of the previous year and the proposed work of the following year.

Control of building operations

17. Application in Form 4.

18. Payment of fees.

19. Exemption from permission.

20. Construction proposal to pre-suppose civic amenities.

21. Approach road or passage for building.

22. Restriction on construction over tank and water body.

23. Maximum coverage of residential building.

24. Construction of residential building.

25. Prohibition of dry latrine.

26. Classification of land for construction.

27. Manner of processing of an application.

28. Construction within the Kolkata metropolitan area.

29. Restriction for construction in the vicinity of airport or prohibited area.

30. Right of applicant if the permission or refusal is not communicated within time limit.

31. Permission for construction of building for commercial or institutional purposes.

32. Grounds for withholding or refusing permission.

33. Inspection of structure or building under construction.

34. Rate of fee for application.

35. Construction of park and garden.

36. Construction of public drain.

37. Collection and disposal of solid waste.

38. Appeal against the decision of the Gram Panchayat.

Disposal of appeal against the order of the Gram Panchayat regarding sanitation etc.

39. Manner of disposal of appeal by the prescribed authority.

Joint Committee

40. Appointment of Joint Committee and its duties.

41. Manner of resolving the difference of opinion between the constituent Gram Panchayats.

Delegation of functions by Zilla Parishad and of financial powers by Gram Panchayat

42. Delegation of functions to Gram Panchayat by Zilla Parishad.

43. Delegation of financial powers to Pradhan by Gram Panchayat.

Powers, functions and duties of Pradhan and Upa-Pradhan

44. Powers, functions and duties of Pradhan and Upa-Pradhan

Method of recruitment, conditions of service, and duties of employees of a Gram Panchayat

45. Creation or abolition of any post in a Gram Panchayat.

46. Employees of a Gram Panchayat.

47. Appointing Authorities of Gram Panchayat employees.

48. Qualifications, age and period of probation.

49. Procedure for selection and constitution of Recruitment Committee.

50. Offer for appointment.

51. Appointment on compassionate ground.

52. Conditions of service including leave, transfer, training, discipline and control.

53. Pay and allowances.

54. Superannuation.

55. Duties of the employees of a Gram Panchayat.

56. Duties, rights and obligations of the employees of a Gram Panchayat.

Imposition of Taxes, Fees and Rates by a Gram Panchayat

57. Imposition of tax etc. on land and building.

58. Fees, rates, tolls etc.

59. Assessment list.

60. Approval of the assessment list.

61. Method and time of payment of tax etc.

62. Method of recovery of arrear tax and other dues.

63. Remuneration and commission of the Collecting Sarkar.

Upa-Samitis and Gram Unnayan Samitis of a Gram Panchayat

64. Constitution of Upa-Samitis.

65. Sanchalak.

66. Subjects to be dealt by Upa-Samitis.

67. Powers of Upa-Samitis.

68. Functions and duties of Upa-Samitis.

69. Meeting of a Gram Sansad.

70. Constitution of Gram Unnayan Samiti.

71. Extra-ordinary meeting of a Gram Sansad.

72. Members of a Gram Unnayan Samiti.

73. The Chairperson and the Secretary of a Gram Unnayan Samiti.

74. Functions of a Gram Unnayan Samiti.


75. Repeal and savings.

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