West Bengal Lubricating Oil Licensing Order, 1967

Government of West Bengal
Food & Supplies Department

No. 344-FS dated 20th January, 1967


  1. Short title, extent and commencement
  2. Definitions
  3. Ban on Trade in Lubricating Oil Without licence
  4. Grant of Licence
  5. Application for grant or renewal of licence
  6. Grant of licence and licence fee
  7. Renewal of licence
  8. Issue of duplicate licence where original licence is defaced, destroyed, damaged or lost
  9. Refusal to grant or renew licence
  10. Cancellation or suspension of licence
  11. Appeal
  12. Business and storage places to be specified in licence
  13. Compliance with conditions of licence and directions general or special
  14. Powers or search, Seizure, etc.
  15. Refuse to give intimation or giving false information
  16. Issue of Delivery Order or Permit
  17. Exemption
  18. Adulteration
  19. Indemnity

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