West Bengal Sales Tax (Settlement of Dispute) Act, 1999

Commercial Taxes, Law

1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Designated authority

4. Eligibility for settlement

4A. Eligibility for settlement of dispute pending before the Tribunal or the High Court or the Supreme Court

5. Application by the applicant

6. Determination of amount payable by the applicant

7. Rate applicable in determining the amount payable

8. Settlement of dispute and issue of certificate of settlement

9. Bar on reopening of settled cases

10. Withdrawal of appeal and revision

11. Appellate and revisional authority not to proceed in certain cases

12. Revocation of certificate of settlement

13. Information to be sent to the authorities under the relevant Act

14. No refund of amount paid under the Act

15. Power of the State Government to make rules

16. Power to remove difficulties

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