West Bengal Silkworm Seed, Cocoon and Silk Yarn Act, 1988

Government of West Bengal
Law Department

No. 580-L Date: 17th March, 1989

West Bengal Silkworm Seed, Cocoon and Silk Yarn (Regulation of Production, Supply, Distribution and Sale) Act, 1988.

An Act to provide for the regulation of production, supply, distribution and sale of silkworm seed, cocoon and silk yarn in West Bengal.

  1. Short title, extent and commencement.
  2. Definitions
  3. Regulation of production etc. of silkworm seed.
  4. Regulation of rearing.
  5. Regulation of possession of silk seed.
  6. Regulation of possession of silk yarn.
  7. Regulation of disposal of silkworm cocoon.
  8. Regulation of sale or purchase of silkworm cocoons for reeling.
  9. Regulation of reeling.
  10. Regulation of sale and purchase of silk yarn etc.
  11. Application for license.
  12. Regulation and distribution of silkworm seed.
  13. Establishment of silk exchange.
  14. Power to require information and powers of entry, inspection, seizer etc.
  15. Imposition.
  16. Abetment
  17. Certain offences to be cognizable.
  18. Suspension or cancellation of license, forfeiture of property and penalty etc.
  19. Composition of offences.
  20. Competence of court to try and to take cognizance of, as offence.
  21. Protection of action taken in good faith.
  22. Officers to be deemed public servants.
  23. Development and Price Stabilisation Fund.
  24. Power to make rules.

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