Workflow based online File Tracking System (WFTS)

The web-enabled application software “Workflow based Online File Tracking System (WFTS)” is going to be implemented within the government departments to track online movement of files for speedy decision making at all levels.

Main Features

  • Online Receiving of Incoming Files and Documents.
  • Immediate Generation of Receipts of Files
  • Electronic Movement of files through Workflow process
  • Generate Incoming & Outgoing Register and Peon Book
  • Online Despatch of Files
  • Easy Tracking of Time taken for File Disposal and Despatch at each level
  • Greater Transparency & Speedier Decision making.


  • Bringing in transparency in the system
  • Improved efficiency in working
  • Viewing of files based on roles
  • Search and view file at any point in time (Based on hierarchy)
  • File can be retrieved anytime
  • Alerts on urgent files where action is required

Main Activities

  1. Sign in through Username & Password
  2. Check Pending Files for Dispatch OR Files on Transit to Receive
  3. Open list of Files from Files on Transit, Receive Files physically, Generate Receipt
  4. Open list of files from In box, view notes, Take appropriate action
  5. Dispatching file to other user

WFTS Press Note, WFTS Presentation

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