Workflow based File and Letter Tracking System

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
(e-Governance Group)
Nabanna, Howrah

No. 4229-F(Y) Dated, 10th August, 2016


The Government of West Bengal in 2012 introduced the Online Workflow based File & Letter Tracking System (WFTS) for implementation in all administrative departments and its sub-offices across the state. The objective of this initiative was to reduce turnaround time and to provide time bound service to the citizens through removing the difficulties in locating files & letters and at the same time speed up their disposal to appropriate location.

2. The WFTS may be used within the office for tracking the movements of files and letters from one level to another as well as for dispatching and receipt of files of interoffices/ departments. The MIS of WFTS also provides reports on time taken in processing of files at different levels as well as quantum and period of pendency at various levels.

3. Attention is drawn to the Finance Department Memo No. FS/5439/2012 dated 06.9.2012 regarding implementation of WFTS and subsequent circular from the Chief Secretary on above-mentioned subject vide dated 06.10.2012. This has also reference with this office memorandum on introduction of Computerized Central Clearing System (CCCS) vide No. 1181-F(H) dated 28.02.2014.

4. The progress of implementation of WFTS software package /portal was reviewed and it has been observed that some of the departments are still dealing in files and letters without entering them in WFTS.

5. Implementation of WFTS has been attached a very high priority by the State Government for speedy decision making at all levels. Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary of all Departments are requested to issue necessary instructions to all concerned under their control so that WFTS is invariably used within the offices and no file is dispatched to any other offices/ departments without entry in WFTS.

6. All files which are sent by different departments to other departments including CMO, CS Office & Finance Department should also be sent only through WFTS.

Sd/- Basudeb Banerjee
Chief Secretary

No. 4229-F dated 10.08.2016, Source

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