Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students for 2013-14

West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation
(A Statutory Corporation of Govt. of West Bengal)
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization

The West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation invites online applications from meritorious students belonging to Minority Communities (i.e. Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh and Parsee) who are pursuing Higher Secondary course or Under Graduate / Post Graduate courses under recognized Boards/Universities of West Bengal and other recognized Boards/Universities of other states of India. Details of Scholarship may be seen at our website

The Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. He/ She must be the citizen of India and domicile of West Bengal.

2. His/ Her annual family income should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.

3. He/ She should have obtained minimum 50% marks in the last final examination of the Board/ University.

General Terms & Conditions:

1. The eligible students are to apply Online at finalizing and submitting the same to the Head of their Institutions.

2. After submission of Online applications, the students are required to submit duly signed printed version of their Online applications along with all supportive documents to their respective institutes.

3. Timeline for 2013-14:-

Sl. No. Activities Fresh Renewal
1. Last date for submission of Online Applications for Fresh/Renewal Scholarship by the students. 30th September 2013 10th December 2013
2. Last date for submission of duly signed printed version of Online Applications along with all supportive documents to their respective institutes by students 10th October 2013 20th December 2013
3. Last date for scrutiny of Online Applications and submission of the verified hardcopy with supportive documents to the District Officer Minority Affairs (DOMA) of the concerned districts at district Head Quarter by institutions. For institutions in Kolkata, the verified hardcopy of the applications with documents are to be sent to the office of WBMDFC, at Hemanta Basu Bhavan, 12, BBD Bag East (1st Floor), Kolkata-700 001. 20th October 2013 31st December 2013

4. Scholarship is to be disbursed through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) System. So AADHAAR Number is mandatory. IFSC number along with CBS Bank Account Number must be provided in the online applications.

5. Additional documents are to be attached with the hardcopy of Online Applications:-

a) Photocopy of applicant’s bank passbook containing name and CBS a/c no., bank branch name.
b) One CANCELLED CTS Cheque leaf.

6. Only online applications under Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme will be accepted. Offline applications will not be accepted.

7. 30% Scholarship has been kept reserved for the Girl Students.

8. For Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) filling of AADHAAR Number in the application form for scholarship (Fresh & Renewal cases) is mandatory for the students whose permanent addresses are in Howrah or Coach Behar district. Details of CBS Bank Account where AADHAAR number is mapped should be filled in the online application form.


I. It is to be noted that without receipt of hardcopy along with the supportive documents, the applications are likely to be rejected.

II. Multiple applications are also likely to be rejected.

III. Distanced Education applications are likely to be rejected.

Sd/- Managing Director



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  1. Pronay Paul says

    Madam,i am Pronay paul .I am a permanet resident in you state in Nadia district.i have do declare that i am studying now B.A.PART-2 in English Honours at Sudhiranjan lahiri Mahavidyalaya,majdia,nadia.i don’t apply the scholarship form in 1st, can i apply this year by the base of H.S. Marks?madam if you kindly send me a reply’,i will faithfull of you.(PRONAY).

  2. saziya shaheen says

    Sir I m a general caste girl. I have done my graduation in 2014 and want to do mba. I have passed h.s wid. 64% marks n degree wid 46.85% marks. So can I get the scholarshp n hw can i apply?? Plzz rpl ..

  3. saziya shaheen says

    Sir I m a general caste girl. I have done my graduation in 2014 and want to do mba. I have passed h.s wid. 64% marks n degree wid 46.85% marks. So can I get the scholarshp n hw can i apply?? Plzz rpl

  4. pallavi says

    i already exist my bank account details in scholrship form2014(rajasthan).now due to this already existing bank account details;the next proces can’t be done for my scholarship form.plz help me soon

  5. sk alem ali says

    Ami Alem;Ami vivekananda mission mahavidyala te BA 1st year (eng -h) a pori.Lamar bes koyekti karone online a from download korar por print out college a joma dewa hoi ni.kintu Ami 5100taka pai.kintu Ami abar from download korte chai kintu Ami ta parchi na I ki abar from download ti fresh korbo please help me.

  6. Abdul rasheed.pp says

    sir,i am the 3ather of Rashida rasheed.pp(f).she passed+2 she is studing ROULATHUL ULOOM ARABIC COLLEGE degree afsal ulama(calicut univercity kerala.iam coolie.i have 4 children.all are studying in difrent clarr..plr give me gaidenr how to apply this my e mail.

  7. hasanurjaman Mahalder says

    I am from a poor family .pass 12 with getting 74.74% marks roll 431711 no 1017 from Nadia . I have need this scholarship to complete my study.
    What do I do sir.

  8. Muhammad mubashir says

    I belong to a backward area just like distt.d g khan tahsel taunsa shareef.we are five brothers and seven father is a teacher.he can,t bear the expenses of our education.this year i passed matriculation examination with distination securing i have passed 1st year exams and studying in class 12th.please issue me that i continue my studies.Muhammad mubashir from college Vehoa distt. D g khan tahseel taunsa shareef

  9. khyung says

    hello sir,
    i had applied for 2013-2014 post matric scholarship under renewal. but until now scholarship hasnt been granted.I had even contact with bangalore office but they replied that,” id doesnt exist”,which cannot be possible because every week i use to check through online status and the status doesnt says my id doesnt exist,infact it says my detail is on pending. So therefore i urge you to kindly help me.

  10. Mamun Reza says

    Sir ami B C A korchi.Ami post matric scholar ship er jonno apply korechi kintu ekhon porjonto kono respons e ney.Apnar kache amar request amar cheque amar collge a pathiye din.
    D.S.College,Katihar, Bihar.

  11. Mamun Reza says

    Sir ami B C A korchi.Ami post matric scholar ship er jonno apply korechi kintu ekhon porjonto kono respons e ney.Apnar kache amar request amar cheque amar collge a pathiye din.
    D.S.College,Katihar, Bihar.

  12. Nushrat parween says

    i have applied for post matric scholarship 2013-14 but i didn’t get any responce till know.hence i request u to proceed my case or suggest me some link which i find useful..
    Thank u

  13. Md. Nasir khan says

    I md Nasir khan student of Rajendranath college of polytechnic,Durgapur.i belongs to a poor family .my mark hd 80% but I not found cheque .please send my cheque

  14. Md. Nasir khan says

    I ,md Nasir khan student of Rajendranath college of polytechnic ,Durgapur.I belongs to a poor mark is 80% ,but I not found any other cheque please send me cheque.

  15. Aziz Rahaman says

    M.D (WBMDFC)

    Sir, ami Aziz Rahaman ami fazil 2nd class-a pori sir scholarshiper janno abedon korechhi kintu akhono cheque paini athocho jader 50% numburer kom tara cheque pel. Amar 80%(alim) numbur thaka satteo ami cheque pelam na! Plz amar cheque patheye dao .

  16. FIROZ MOLLA says

    Dear sir ami Firoz B.Sc 1st yr student. Sir ami aktai request korte chai apnara je scholership di66en seta je sothik student k di66en seta kindly cheek korun, anokai atar jogho noi, a6ara onekai aker odikh cheque pa66e. Sir apner ai mohot social work ar madhome tader higher study te sahajjo pa66e thik e but onekau atar kharap babohar kor6e.Sobsesa amar akai abedon apni jake scholership di66en tar docoments ta valo kore dakhun se sottai setar abal kina sudhumatro online ar basic a kauke scholership daben na. THANKS YOU SIR for your ur help…..

  17. DOULAT SEKH says

    I am DOULAT SEKH.ami akon 2nd year porchi amar H.S 67% number . .1st year cheque peyechi but 2nd paini. Please sir give me cheque.amar A/c- 33088573000 (SBI) CIF No- 86782099500

  18. Azmira Khatun says

    ami first time post matric scholarship form fill up korechilam. amar 62 % number chilo. er age ami pre matric er taka payechi. kintu abare ami taka keno pelam na. jara 30 % number paye scholership payeche . tahole ami keno pabo na.

  19. Sk Rakibul Islam says

    I’m Sk Rakibul Islam, a student of SOVARANI MEMORIAL COLLEGE, 1st year marks- about 70%.jagatballavpur,howrah,west bengal,india.plz help me


    Class Xii 2nd
    Institution name ROL.C.M.Tayyeb Institution,
    Plz give me cheque

  21. Jahangir sk says

    ame akjon gorib ghorer chale. Ame minorities er taka akbar payechi r ai bar pabo bole minorities from fill up korlam 4jon friend mele tader taka chole aseche but amar aseni doya kore amar cheque ta phata bar chesta korile ame& amar ma-baba khuv happy hoto.

  22. majibar sheikh says

    sir, ami attonto gorib gharer chele.ami b.a.1st year krishnagar govt. College-e porchi.kintu amar kono bachori minority taka asena keno???aar jara barolok gharer chele tara khub sahaje peye,ami bolchi upare alla ache apnara porar kharach na chalale amar alla chalabe.ami rage ebong dukhhe egulo likhechi.jodi kono kathay apnara kasto peye thaken tahole amake khama kore deben ebong doya korben jate amake pora charte na hay.

  23. Md Happy Ismile Sk says

    Ami ek gorib gohrer chela apnadar sahaga egiya cholachi kintu apnadar dawa check amader school list a name dawa hoy kintu check amader sir ra den na sir please check post kore selected student ar address a pathaban.

  24. C M Monirul Hassan says

    The Chairman,

    Apnake ami akta anuradh karchhi je jadi schoolarship -ar takar parimanta baran and scholarship ti jate taratari dewar babstha karen tahale amder mato Bangla Mayer garib paribarer minority student -der khub upkar hobe.

  25. ABU HOSSAIN says

    ami ekjon gorib gharer chele . ami BCA kortechi . But amar baba taka dite parche na . apnara jodi ektu help koren tahole ami khub khusi hotam. please sir

  26. Taslim Ahammed says

    Ami akjon gorip ghorer chele Ami 2years thake korche kintu schooler ship er taka pai na ai year a na pale khub amei kharap lag be.karon amar baba akjon khete khaoa manus.

  27. Md imran karim says

    Sir, ami fazil (H.S)examinatione 76.92%(2013) number peye rajje 13 number rank korechi,onuggro kore amake scholarship prodan korle porasonar valovabe calate sokkhom hobo.

  28. syed asadullah says

    respected sir
    iam phd research scholer in gulbarga university iam not submmit post matric scholer ship form before last date becouse my sister marrege was there,so please advise me now what do me iam renewal candidate……date 05-01-2014

  29. Santosh kr. Biswas says

    I am a student of m.a. in distance education under Kalyani University and I belongs to s.c community. Can I avail scholarship? If it is than send me the proper website as soon as possible.

  30. Payel Maity says


    I passed Madhyamik Examination on 2013 and I carry 79% number but I can’t understand merit cum means scholarship now available for me ? Please reply as soon as possible.

  31. Sabyasachi Islam says

    ami ki akhon scholarship pabo ki? i have passed matric exam and presently reading in class 11 . so can i get post matric scholarship . pls guide me . or send some link of another scholarship institution links

    • Mosaraf joygram says

      I passed Madhyamik
      Examination on 2008
      and I carry 51% number
      but I can’t understand
      merit cum means
      scholarship now
      available for me ? Please
      reply as soon as possible.

  32. sk zafar alam says

    i want scholarship because my parent are very hard strugging in life to suffer a very bad time to earning a money of his son(zafar) education porpose please sir i need

  33. Imamul Mallick says

    sir,ami 2013 ta B.A. pass korachi 51.5% bangla hons nea.M.A ta bhorti hoachi Rabindra Bharati University ta r online application karar samoi ai university num usche na tahola ki ami scholarship pabo na.

  34. Wasim akram says

    Ami 2007 a madhamik diyechi 52.67 no. Ache

    akhon 2013 Rabindra Open a H.S dichhi

    ami ki apply korte pari ?
    R sunechi er last date 31 august theke 30 September kora hoyeche eta ki thik ?
    Pls amake answer dao friends

    ::: my FB id =
    pls amake add korun

  35. Sk.Mirajul says

    scholarship er jonno ki bhabe minority form pabo? r ai form ki bhabe fillup korte hobe? ami abar madhyamik exam pass out hoyechhi. amar total no.=654/700

  36. WASIM says

    i have register 2 times means i got 2 temperory ID but not fill the detail in ANY ONE.

  37. Monnaf Ali says

    Ami PTU er antargata Dr. IT group of polytechnic collage bharti hoyeci ami ki kono schoarshiper jonya abedan korte parbo. Ki kare karte hobe blle dile bhalo hoy