Allotment of Fund for Non-Plan Expenditure upto March, 2016

Finance Department
Budget Branch

No. 1200-F.B. Howrah, the 30th December, 2015


In continuation of this Department Memo No. 460-FB dated 21.07.2015 read with Memo No. 1020-FB dated 27.11.2015; the Governor has now been pleased to decide the following:

2. The Administrative Departments/ Controlling Authorities may make further allotment of fund up to current year’s budget provision relating to Non-Plan expenditure for Non-Salary items up to March, 2016.

3. Within the powers delegated under Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977 as amended from time to time or by virtue of the powers delegated in specific cases, the Administrative Departments/ Controlling Authorities may sanction expenditure out of the Non-Plan allotment of fund except in the following cases: i) 33-Subsidies ii) Finance Commission’s Grants iii) 55-Loans & Advances and iv) Schemes for which Central assistance

4. In the case of new projects/ schemes, and also approved projects/ schemes for which deviations from approved norms are considered necessary, approval of the Finance Department will be required before release of fund by the Administrative Departments/ Controlling Authorities.

5. All allotments of fund including the fund allotted to Works Executing Departments/ Forests Department should be made through the software application ‘e-bantan’ under IFMS.

6. The powers delegated to the Administrative Departments/ Controlling Authorities to release fund are subject to the following conditions:-

i) The project/ scheme for which fund is to be released has been administratively approved following the existing procedure after obtaining concurrence of the Finance Department or Financial Advisor;

ii) The amount to be released can be accommodated within the budget provision under the project/ scheme as authorized for allotment;

iii) There are no deviations – technical or otherwise – from the approved norms;

iv) Restrictions on creation of posts, purchase/ hiring of cars and other restrictions imposed by the Finance Department are to be observed.

7. The Order will be effective from 01.01.2016.

Sd/- P. Yadav
Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1200-FB dated 30.12.2015, Source

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