Approval of Part Time Teachers in H.S. Institution

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Vidyasagar Bhavan
9/2, Block DJ, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 91

No: L/PR/49/2019 Date: 06.03.2019


Attention: All Heads of Higher Secondary Institution

This is related to the engagement of Part-time teachers [on temporary basis for one year] of various subjects in the H.S section of the H.S Institutions affiliated under the council.

  1. Copy of engagement letter issued by the Institution in the name of the teacher.
  2. Copy of joining letter of the teacher.
  3. Attested copy of academic credentials [Graduation (Hons.)/ Post Graduation] of the teacher.
  4. Copy of M.C resolution regarding appointment of such teacher.
  5. 2 copies of N.O.C from the teacher.
  6. Copy of last renewal of HS section.
  7. DI inspection report for practical-based subjects.

The aforesaid documents are to be submitted to the Academic Section of the Council within 31st of October for necessary approval. Please note that, the remuneration to the teacher will be paid by the Institution and the subject permission has to be renewed every year by submitting the documents related to the part-time teacher.

Sd/- OSD (Academic)

No. L/PR/49 dated 06.03.2019, Source