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Part Time Teachers (PTTs) employed in different Government/ Govt.-aided General Degree Colleges, Government Engineering and Technical Colleges etc.

Service Condition and Remuneration of “State Aided College Teacher”

Published in Higher Education

Restructuring of service conditions and other benefits for Govt. approved Part Time teachers (PTTs), Govt. approved Contractual Whole time teachers (CWTTs) and Guest teachers engaged in different Govt./ Govt. aided colleges.

Approval of Part Time Teachers in H.S. Institution

Published in Higher Secondary Education

This is related to the engagement of Part-time teachers [on temporary basis for one year] of various subjects in the H.S section of the H.S Institutions affiliated under the council.

Re-Employment of Part Time Teachers/ Guest Lecturers

Published in Higher Education

The existing superannuated full time teachers serving as a) Part Time Teachers b) Guest Lecturers c) Part Time Teachers may be engaged in the concerned colleges on term basis for one year.

Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to PTTs and CWTTs for the year 2016-17

Published in Higher Education

Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the Govt. approved Part time Teachers and Contractual Whole Time Teachers of the Govt./ Govt.-aided Colleges for the year 2016-17.

Swasthya Sathi for Casual Workers of Colleges and Univeristies

Published in Higher Education

For Contractual Whole Time Teachers (CWTTs), Government approved Part Time Teachers (PTTs) and Daily Rated/ Casual Non-teaching employees of State-aided Universities, Colleges.

CWTTs or PTTs shall be entitled to avail Study Leave

Published in Higher Education

Govt-approved CWTTs or PTTs shall be entitled to avail Study leave, for a maximum period of 12 months in one spell and for a period not exceeding 24 months in their entire service period.

Carry forward of Annual Medical Leave of PTTs and CWTTs

Published in Higher Education

Half average remuneration leave up to 20 days of CWTTs and PTTs which tantamount to 10 days medical leave with full remuneration shall henceforth be allowed to be carried forward.

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