Availability of Discounted Air-Fare Tickets for Official Tours/ LTC

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 1126(75)-F.B. dated 25.08.2009

From: C.M. Bachhawat, IAS
Principal Secretary
Finance Department
Govt. of West Bengal

To: The Additional Chief Secretary/
Principal Secretary/Secretary
Government of West Bengal

Sub: Enquiry regarding availability of discounted Air-fare tickets while undertaking official tours/LTC.

Dear Sir,

1. It has been learnt that some of the officers have not been enquiring about the availability of the discounted air-fare tickets while undertaking official tours. Attention is drawn to the Memo No. 1301(75)-F.B. dated October 13, 2008 of the Principal Secretary, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal and Memo No. 454-F.B. dated June 11, 2008 of the Chief Secretary, Government of West Bengal, where in certain instructions were issued regarding observance of various economy measures for reducing avoidable Government expenditure.

2. It is reiterated that the touring officials, may please check with the Travelling Agents concerned availability of discounted air-tickets, while booking their air tickets for official journeys or check the same from the internet directly for the airlines concerned in case of direct booking. This is also required as per para 1 (F) of the Circular vide Memo No. 454-F.B. dated June 11, 2008 issued by the Chief Secretary.

3. Certain clarifications have also been sought by some of the officers regarding claim for cancellation charges/modification charges, as applicable, for cancellation/modification of the date of journey due to certain official exigencies, such as change in the date of meeting or cancellation of meeting. It is also clarified that cancellation charges/modification charges, as applicable, will be allowed whenever cancellation or modification in the date of journey has to be effected in case of discounted air-fare tickets.

4. It is also hereby reiterated that a mention may please be made in the proposal for obtaining prior approval for official tour as to whether journey is being taken on discounted air-fare or on full fare, with brief reasons for availing the full fare. 5. It is further requested that the officials may avail discounted air-fare tickets while undertaking official foreign tours, where expenditure is borne by the Government of West Bengal and travels in connection with LTC.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- C.M. Bachhawat
Principal Secretary
Govt. of West Bengal


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