CAS for the Teachers of State-aided-Universities

Update: Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of University Staff

Government of West Bengal
Higher Education Department
University Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Calcutta-91

No. 1197(28)-Edn(U)/1U-41/11 (Pt) Date: 31.12.2012

From: Shri Vivek Kumar, IAS
Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal.

To: The Vice Chancellor/Registrar,

Sub: Applicability of the terms and conditions towards Redesignation & Career Advancement Scheme for the teachers of the State-aided-Universities in West Bengal.


Consequent on implementation of revised pay structure under the UGC Pay revision scheme in terms of this Department’s memo no. 502-Edn(U) dt. 28.08.2009, references were received in this Department seeking clarification as regards the redesignation of teachers and equivalent cadres of Universities subsequent to revision of their pay, and also seeking guidelines in regards to applicability of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) in the light of UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualification for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education, 2010.

2. Now, after careful consideration and keeping in view the local conditions in the state, the Governor has been pleased to decide that the Career Advancement Scheme and Other Service Conditions of Teachers in State-aided Universities in West Bengal, as annexed, will be followed by all State-aided Universities in West Bengal under the administrative control of this Department in regard to Redesignation and Career Advancement Scheme of Teachers and Other Academic Staff so that the revised pay structure as introduced in terms of G.O. No. 502 – Edn (U) dated 28.08. 2009 and the scheme of Career advancement and other service conditions of teachers of Universities, as annexed, will be considered a composite one.

3. The above scheme will be applicable only in respect of the teachers and other academic staff of State-aided Universities under the administrative control of this Department and will take effect from 01.11.2012 with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 978 Group -P (Pay) dt. 05.09.2012.

4. This order is in continuation of the earlier orders of this Department numbered 546-Edn(U) dt. 16.09.2009; 715- Edn(U) dt. 18.12.2009; 343-Edn(U) dt 21.06.2010 and 138-Edn(U) dt. 25/28.02.2011 issued in this regard as and where applicable. The annexed scheme will be effective from 01.11.2012 except in cases where the date of effect has been specified separately in any individual paragraph of the Scheme.

5. The University will send suitable proposal for amendment of rules and statutes or take necessary action for incorporation in regulations/ordinances etc., wherever necessary.
Enclo: As stated.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- Vivek Kumar

No. 1197-Edn dated 31.12.2012

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