School Education – Archive, 2011

1526-L dt. 29.12.2011Administrative (Adjudication of School Disputes) Commission Act
937-SE dt. 29.11.2011Transfer Policy for Inspecting Officers of School Education
768-SE dt. 23.11.2011Date of Engagement as VRP of Para Teachers
Secy-150 dt. 22.11.2011Certified Copy of Evaluated Answer Script of HS Exam under RTI
413-SE dt. 18.11.20113rd Arrear of ROPA for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs
1368-ES dt. 16.11.2011Freeing Schools from Political Influence
868-DSE dt. 25.10.2011Celebration of National Education Day
113-SE dt. 09.08.2011Admission in Respective Higher Secondary School (Science)
955-SE dt. 27.07.2011Permissibility of HRA for Working Couples Living Separately
849-SE dt. 20.07.2011Expert Committee to Examine Curriculum, Syllabus and Text Books
455-SE dt. 15.07.2011Voluntary Resource Persons redesignated as Para Teacher
795-SE dt. 23.06.2011Payment of additional quantum of Family pension
111-CS dt. 09.06.2011Duties and Responsibilities of Officials to implement Mid Day Meal
189-SE dt. 25.05.2011Payment of Salary to Teachers on the 1st Working day
233-L dt. 01.03.2011West Bengal School Service Commission (2nd Amendment) Act, 2010
60-SE dt. 18.02.2011Project DIPANKAR – The Child Tracking System
09-SE dt. 11.01.2011Grant of Dearness Relief to Pensioners of Educational Institutions

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