School Education – Archive upto 2010

Archive of West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Orders, Clarifications, Memo related to School Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal upto 2010.

958-SE dt. 20.12.2010Supervision of Cooked Mid Day Meal Programme (CMDMP)
886-SE dt. 16.11.2010Para Teachers, VRP and Siksha Bandhus under Sarba Siksha Abhijan
539-SE dt. 01.11.2010Pension/Family pension of employees retired/died prior to 01.08.81
512-SE dt. 06.10.20102nd Arrear of ROPA for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs
273-SE dt. 23.04.2010Revised Remuneration of Contractual Employee under SSA
95-SE dt. 13.04.2010Extension of scope of family pension to Unmarried daughters
2582-F dt. 06.04.2010Grant of D.A. to employees drawing pay under pre-revised scale
2581-F dt. 06.04.2010Grant of D. A. to employees of Non-Govt. Educational Institution
30-SE dt. 10.02.2010Pay Fixation of Teacher – Some Clarifications
130-JS dt. 15.12.2009Guidelines for Shishu Shiksha Kendra, Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra (Madrasah)
10570-F dt. 25.11.2009ROPA Rules for Non-teaching employees of State Aided Universities
1180-MEE dt. 13.11.2009Revision of pension of pre- 01.01.06 pensioners/ family pensioners
181-SE dt. 08.10.2009Revised order for application of ROPA, Rules i.r.o. Teachers
1317-GA dt. 11.09.2009Appointment on Compassionate Ground through SSC in School
1317/GA dt. 11.09.2009Appointment on compassionate ground through SSC
162-SE dt. 04.09.2009Date of exercising option to Teaching and Non-teaching staff
S/104 dt. 07.08.2009Admissible Number of Holidays in Secondary Schools
632-F dt. 13.07.2009Additional pension – State aided Universities, WBCHSE and WBBSE
347-SE dt. 08.07.2009Appointment of Compassionate Ground – Teaching staffs
331-SE dt. 26.06.2009Amendment in the WB Primary School Teacher Recruitment Rules
106-SE dt. 11.06.2009Benefit of Medical Allowance to the Pensioner/ Family Pensioners
490-SE dt. 11.05.2009Extending the facility of B.Ed. to the untrained teachers
56-SE dt. 02.04.2009Modification on Pay Fixation in Govt. aided Institutions
159-SE dt. 12.03.2009Procedure Pay fixation of Inspecting Officials of School Edn. Deptt.
46-SE dt. 27.02.2009ROPA Rules for the Non-Govt. Teaching and Non-teaching employees
134-SE dt. 26.02.2009Duties, Remuneration and Leave of Para Teacher
44-SE dt 26.02.2009Withdrawal of ban on amount transfer credited to GPF
22-SE dt. 25.02.2009Enhancement of emolument of Part-time Teachers
28-SE dt. 25.02.2009Extension of the period of payment of Family pension
27-SE dt. 02.02.2009Payment of pension to Joint Bank A/C Operated by the pensioner
26-SE dt. 02.02.2009Calculation of length of qualifying service for Retirement Benefits
113-SE dt. 29.01.2009Permission for admission to B.Ed. Courses through Distance Education
57-SE dt. 22.01.2009Revision of scale of pay of Inspecting officials under School Education
10-SE dt. 13.01.2009Family pension for life to children of teaching and non-teaching staff
4-L dt. 01.01.2009West Bengal School Service Commission (Amendment) Act, 2008
S-1 dt. 01.01.2009West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Amendment Act, 2008
1677-SE dt. 22.09.2008Incentive to Girl Students of Class IX to XII in West Bengal
1115-SE dt. 04.09.2008Conveyance allowance to Blind and Orthopaedically Handicapped
2985-G dt. 13.08.2008Grant of Study Leave
745-SE dt. 19.07.2008Conveyance Allowance for Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs
1467-SE dt. 05.08.2008West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees DCRB Rules), 2008
39-SE dt. 10.01.2008Eligibility of divorced widowed daughters for family pension
174-SE dt. 02.12.2007Revision of scale of Pay of Inspecting Officials
593-SE dt. 27.11.2007Additional Increment for Obtaining Higher Qualification
564-SE dt. 16.11.2007Clarification regarding Family Pension
563-SE dt. 16.11.2007Modification of family pension to the dependent of Teachers
538-SE dt. 24.10.2007HRA to working couples living separated by 250 Kms
630-SE dt. 11.09.2007Fixation of pay on MCAs benefits
460-SE dt. 03.09.2007Revision of Pension/ Family Pension
797-MEE dt. 24.07.2007Merger of 50% of Dearness Relief
192-SE dt. 02.04.2007Revision of scale of Pay of the SI/ ASI/DI of Schools
86-SE dt. 05.02.2007West Bengal Schools Up-gradation Rules, 2007
605-SE dt. 20.06.2006West Bengal Schools (Recruitment of Teacher on Vacancy Caused by Leave or Deputation)
93/Ped dt. 02.12.2005Leave for engaged Para Teacher
325-SE dt. 05.09.2005Family pension for life to children suffering from Disability of mind
324-SE dt. 05.09.2005Increase in age of dependent about admissibility of Family Pension
2053-L dt. 19.08.2005West Bengal Schools Control of Expenditure Act, 2005
S/120 dt. 30.05.2005Amendment in Conduct Rules of Secondary School Teachers
S/18 dt. 14.01.2005WBBSE (Conduct and Discipline of Teachers and Non-teaching staff) Regulations, 2004
S/205 dt. 30.04.2004Maximum number of Holidays in Secondary Schools
809-SE dt. 15.07.2002West Bengal Primary Education (Transfer of Teachers including Head Teacher) Rules, 2002
906-SE dt. 09.07.2001West Bengal Primary Education (Conduct of Service of Primary Schools) Rules, 2001
663-SE dt. 02.05.2001Amendment: Rules for Management of Sponsored Institutions (Secondary) Rules, 1972
453-SE dt. 04.05.1999West Bengal Primary Education (Leave of Teacher of Primary Schools) Rules, 1999
25-SE dt. 12.02.1999ROPA Rules, 1998 for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs
779-SE dt. 08.10.1998Amendment: Rules for Management of Sponsored Institutions (Secondary) Rules, 1972
S/879 dt. 10.11.1989Appointed Hour, Commencement of class teaching, Daily Assembly and Late Attendance
641-Edn dt. 23.05.1974Special Rules for Management of Secondary Schools established by Christian Church etc.
264-Edn dt. 08.03.1972Rules for Management of Sponsored Institutions (Secondary) Rules, 1972
1598-Edn dt. 15.07.1969Rules for Management of Recognized Non-Government Institutions (Aided and Unaided), 1969

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