Citizenship after Exchange of Enclaves (Chhitmahals)

Government of West Bengal
Backward Classes Welfare Department
Administrative Buildings, DJ 4, Sector II, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

No. 2530-BCW/MR-21/14 Date: 16.07.2018


Whereas, exchange of enclaves (Chhitmahals) have been executed between India and Bangladesh on 31.07.2015 in terms of Notification No. 1614, dated 31.07.2015 issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India;

And whereas, in terms of Notification No. 26030/145/2015-IC-II, dt. 12.10.2015, issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, it has been specified that all 14,864 persons living in the erstwhile enclaves of Bangladesh have been declared as citizens of India w.e.f 01.08.2015 and all the 51 enclaves where these people have been living are declared as part of Coochbehar District of West Bengal.

And whereas, the requirement of residence on the date of notification of Presidential Order as stipulated in Ministry of Home Affairs’ Order No. BC12025/2/76-SCT-I dated 22/3/1977 will be deemed to have been met since the area of 51 enclaves stands transferred from Bangladesh to Coochbehar District of West Bengal.

And whereas, the state of origin, for deciding caste status of persons of 51 enclaves belonging to enumerated castes, will be West Bengal.

Now, therefore, the Governor is pleased to order that competent authority shall issue Caste Certificate to only those eligible and deserving persons out of these 14,864 persons who have been declared as Indian Citizen on and from 1/8/2015 and whose names along with the names of their family members are mandatorily incorporated in the schedule notified by Ministry of Home Affairs vide 26030/145/2015-IC-II dated 1/8/2015. The Governor is further pleased to order that for the next generations also (whose names will not feature in the schedule) paternal linkage is to be traced in reference to this schedule.

The Governor is also pleased to order that the date of notification of declaring such persons as Citizens of India vide No. 26030/145/2015-IC-II, dt. 12.10.2015 shall be incorporated in the Caste Certificate to be issued to them.

By order of Governor

Sd/- S. K. Thade
Principal Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 2530-BCW dated 16.07.2018