Clarification regarding Re-Designation in Govt. Colleges

Government of West Bengal
Education Directorate, Higher Education
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091

Memo No – ED-404/2015 Date – 31/3/15

From: Dr NC Saha
Director of Public Instruction
Government of West Bengal

To: Principal/Teacher-in-charge/Officer-in-charge
All Government/Govt. aided colleges of the State

Subject: Clarification towards the implementation of re-designation to the post of Associate Professor under CAS GO No – 920 Edn(CS) dated 31/12/2012 & 1196 Edn(A) dated 31/12/2012

In continuation of the Higher Education Department’s regarding Re-designation to the post of Associate Professor for the teachers, librarians of the Government & Government aided colleges in West Bengal, the undersigned is directed to issue the following clarifications for information and guidance of all concerned:-

Sl. NoPoints of Doubt /QueryClarifications
1What will be the minimum score to be obtained in Category III, in the assessment period of 03 years for the eligibility to the post of Associate professor?Minimum API score: 45: Out of this at least one R.C. or equivalent course is to be attended.
2Whether a selection or evaluation committee is required for promotion under CAS for Associate Professor?A selection committee is mandatory. Out of 02 no of Subject experts, at least one subject expert from concerned University, one DPI nominee and Head of the institute will constitute the committee. If concerned University has no department for a particular subject, expert/s from other reputed Universities of the State may evaluate the promotional process.
3What are the distribution of marks for the entire Interview process?Out of total 20 marks, a candidate has to obtain at least 10 (50%) marks.
a) Knowledge in the domain area: 12 (60%).
b) Research Contribution: 04 (20%)

c) Teaching Practice: 04 (20%)

4What kind of Professional Training a candidate has to undertake as per UGC guide, lines?It may be Refresher course/ Research methodology Course/ Workshop, or Training on Teaching Learning – Evaluation Program. a) If duration of the course is for 2/3 weeks, full credit 20 marks, b) If duration is for one week, credit 10 marks.
5How many publications will be adequate for the promotion to the post of Associate Professor?a) At least 03 no of publications starting from the post of Assistant Professor Stage 1
b) If the incumbent is a Ph.d. holder, it should be at least one.

c) If the incumbent is an M.Phil. holder, it should be at least two.

Sd/- Dr. N C Saha
Director of Public Instruction
Government of West Bengal

No. ED-404 dated 31.03.2015

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