Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan under RMSA

Annexure of No. 62-RMSA dated 19.03.2015 regarding School Grants, 2014-15

Name of the Programme: Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan (Learning enhancement programme for SC/ST Students


The State Planning Team of RMSA has proposed to take up a pilot project of enhancement of learning standard of SC/ST students at the end of class IX, so that these students can do well in M.P. Examination in the forth coming year. It is normally seen that school authority force the students of class IX who are not sufficiently well in study, to detain them in the same class. This leads to wide chances of dropping out among the students particularly among girls. Moreover in this state there are 87 blocks which are called Educationally Backward blocks popularly known as EB Blocks which are dominated by SC/STs in demographic structure. It includes 27 blocks under Jangal Mahal area in three districts of Purulia, Bankura and Paschim Medinipur.

Keeping the above premises in mind an initiative called “Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan” (Special Teaching for learning enhancement of SC/ST students of class IX) has been taken up this year for implementation of the same on pilot basis in the EB Blocks of

5 Districts viz Purulia, Bankura, Birbhum, Paschim Medinipur, Jalpaiguri including the Jangal Mahal Area wherein students are to be identified and given special coaching for uplift of their capacity so that most of these students may prepare themselves sufficiently ready in the forth-coming year.

Objective of the Programme

i) To curb the proneness of dropping out among SC/ST children at the end of class IX

ii) To enhance basic learning skill in certain subjects

iii) To prepare them sufficiently competent to take up the course of study of class X.

iv) To help them to crack M.P examination with comfortably good marks.

v) To remove the sense of alienation in the class room and its activities and improve self confidence among them.

vi) To involve the community as a whole and make them aware about certain skills and provide career guidance option of their children in the locality.

Certain Premises of the Programme

A) The programme will be conducted in 5 districts viz Bankura, Purulia, Birbhum, PaschimMedinipur, Jalpaiguri in the following manner:

Name of the DistrictStudentsNumber of EB blocksNo of Centres

B) Each centre will consist of 20 SC/ST students of class X having low learning level in class IX. The State will cover 240 centres with 4800 students in all.

C) For each centre the district authority concerned will be able to spend @ Rs. 500/- per child i.e. 20 students X 500 = Rs. 10,000/- per centre in four months.

D) The District Magistrate will identify certain willing schools in the selected EB Blocks who will j act as nodal schools of this programme. The H.M of the concerned schools will organize the centres in the specific venue in the morning or after school hours at least for 3 hours for four months at least.

E) The venue school may also include SC/ST students of the neighboring schools. Therefore the venue schools will constitute an organizing committee consisting a selected teachers of the concern school including some H.Ms and teachers of the neighboring schools. This Committee will give feedback and conduct assessment of the students in the beginning and end of the programme.

F) Existing and entire teachers may be engaged in the process of teaching & learning of these centres. Some times, properly educated youths of the locality may also be engaged in the assignment as volunteers.

G) As conveyance & Tiffin cost, expenditure here can be made for the persons who will be engaged for imparting remedial coaching. The centres should concentrate their energy in improving subjects-like English, Mathematics, History and concerned 1st language.

H) The District authority will constitute an organizing Committee in the following manner:

i)One representative of D.M/A.D.MChairman
ii)D.P.O., SSM & RMSAConvener
iii)D.l/S (S.E.)Member
iv)One Backward class department OfficerMember
v)One A.I/SMember
Vi)Two representative from S.C/ST communityMember
vii)Two H.M from the nodal schoolsMember

I) Fund will route through RMSA fund of the District. D.P.O, SSM & RMSA will be liable to keep all accounts properly. The District Committee concerned will organize a survey among the targeted students at the beginning of the programme to know the level of their existing status of learning and also conduct an impact study at the end of the programme to know the level of their achievement.

J) The District will concentrate on basic competency of the students like writing, Reading & Comprehension skill, Numerical skills, basic concepts of the area of study and proper interpretation and simple presentation. These will be conducted normally keeping relation with the questionnaires normally made in M.P Examination at the end of class X.

K) Budgetary Provision for Centres – 4800 students X Rs. 500 =Rs. 24,00,000/-

State Project Director

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