Different Grants for Schools for financial year, 2014-15

Bikash Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, Kolkata -700 097

Memo. No. 62(40)/37-RMSA Dated Kolkata the 19th March, 2015

From: The State Project Director, RMSA

To: 1. The District Project Officer, RMSA
2. The District Inspector of Schools (S.E.) ………………………
P.O. ……………………… District ………………………

Sub: Release of Guidelines for different grants and Utilization of fund


In drawing your attention to the above noted subject I am to inform you that various kinds of Grants were released to the Govt. & Govt. Sponsored schools and DPO of the District in the current financial year 2014-15 through Bank Transfer. In this connection following 7 guidelines are hereby enclosed for your information and guidance.

It may be noted that the same guidelines were sent to you earlier by e-mail.

Guideline of:

i) Annual Grant
ii) Civil Grant
iii) Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan
iv) Provision of Sports Equipment to schools
v) Sankhalaghu Utkarsha Abhiyan
vi) Science Exhibition & Book Fair
vii) Self Defence activities for Girls

Grants vide Sl. i) and ii) (50% of the total allocation) above have been released to the school authorities. The list of such schools has been sent to the DPO, RMSA through e-mail. As soon as the grant is released further the list will be sent accordingly.

Grants vide Sl. iii) to vii) have been released/ are being released to the DPO.

Receipt confirmation please be made. The funds are to be spent as per guideline only. Necessary utilization certificates are to be submitted in due course.

Yours faithfully,

State Project Director


Sl. NoItemDetailsFundResources
1.Remuneration of Trainers @ 2 in each schoolRs.1400/- per trainer for 2 trainers in each school X 1000 schools28,00,000/-From RMSA Girls Education fund
2.District Level Orientation for 3 days one camp in each districtRs. 10,000 (lump sum)2,00,000/--do-
3.State level Orientation for two days for 60 members (Residential)Rs. 400X60X2 days48,000/-From RMSA Teacher Education Fund
4.Monitoring during Progamme for 15 days Vehicle & T.A /D.ARs. 40,000/- (lump sum)40,000/-From MMER cost of RMSA
Total:Rs. 30,88,000/-

State Project Director

No. 62-RMSA dated 19.03.2015