RMSA is a joint venture of School Education Department and Literacy of the Ministry of Human Resource Development to achieve Universal Access and Quality Secondary Education.

Teachers’ Training Programme, 2017-18 to be conducted by RMSA

Heads of all the Recognised Schools are requested to render all sorts of co-operation and to release the Teachers of the School to make the Training Programme successful.

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National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education, 2016

The Award proposes to felicitate those teachers who have contributed in enhancing student learning by effectively and innovatively integrating technology supported learning into the schools curriculam.

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Programme of Self Defence Training for Girls under RMSA

To equip the girls with some life skills and defence skills so that they can avert any kind of untoward situation at least at the first instances.

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Utilization of fund for Science Exhibition and Book Fair

Learning science with the help of experimentation, project method and model preparation is more effective than only through reading science text book and cramming rules of nature.

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Sankhalaghu Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan under RMSA

An initiative called ‘Sankhalaghu Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan’ (Improvement of under achievers belonging to Minority Community) has been taken up this year in 6 Districts of West Bengal.

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Provision of Sports Equipment to Schools under RMSA

To lessen drop-outs, enhancing participation of first generation learner and discovery of talent among the children who could have lost in oblivion in monotonous teaching learning process.

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Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan under RMSA

State Planning Team of RMSA has proposed to take up a pilot project of enhancement of learning standard of SC/ST students at the end of class IX, so that these students can do well in M.P. Examination in the forth coming year.

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Guidelines of Civil works under RMSA for the year 2014-15

Utilization Certificate along with photographs is to be sent to the State Project Office, RMSA through DRO, RMSA after the completion of the work.

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Guidelines for Utilization of Grant under RMSA, 2014-15

The fund of Rs. 50,000/- is placed directly to the Heads of the Institutions. The funds placed will be utilized on approval of the Managing Committee of the school.

School Education

Different Grants for Schools for financial year, 2014-15

Annual Grant, Civil Grant, Dalit Shiksha Utkarsha Abhiyan, Provision of Sports Equipment to schools, Sankhalaghu Utkarsha Abhiyan, Science Exhibition & Book Fair, Self Defence activities for Girls.

School Education
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