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Urban Development and Municipal Affairs

Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs has sub-ordinate offices viz. KMDA, KMW&SA, ADDA, BDA, DSDA, HDA, JDA, MKDA, SJDA, SSDA, NKDA, GBDA, TRDA, FSDA, BKDA, PDA, KIT, HIT, HIDCO.

West Bengal Land Conversion (Leasehold Land to Freehold) Scheme, 2022


Scheme for the parastatals for conversion of leasehold land (for land owned by parastatals and leased out by the parastatals) into freehold land, only in respect of residential and commercial plots.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Self-Assessment System, Manner and Forms) Rules, 2017

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Any owner of land comprising any building or any vacant land or covered space of building or any other person liable to pay the property tax or any occupier or lessee or sub-lessee, as the case may be, in the absence of such owner or person, shall file a return of self-assessment within sixty days from the date of final publication of the Scheme.

Hawker Support Scheme, 2020

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Any hawker who is a permanent resident of West Bengal, who is in extreme distress due to loss of business/ livelihood opportunities due to outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) will be eligible for the assistance.

The New Town, Kolkata Development Authority Act, 2007


An Act to provide for the planned development in the areas within New Town, Kolkata and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Guidelines for Board of Administrators on Municipal Administration


Guidelines for the Board of Administrators/ Administrator to be followed for smooth running of the Municipal Administration and Financial management as per extant provisions of Act and Rules/ Orders.

West Bengal Municipal (Employees’ Service) Rules, 2010

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These rules shall apply to all the whole time permanent employees under the employment of the Municipalities and the Notified Area Authorities.

Development Authority (Recruitment and Promotion) Rules, 2019


Rules regulating recruitment and conditions of appointment of employees of the Development Authorities under the Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs (Town and Country Planning Branch), Government of West Bengal.

West Bengal Municipal (Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Officer) Rules, 2018

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To cause a detailed report to be prepared during the framing of a project for the execution of any work, stating the scope of the project, its techno-economic viability and its social benefits and the execution of any work through a contract;

West Bengal Municipal Service Commission Act, 2018


An Act to make provision for constitution of the West Bengal Municipal Service Commission for direct recruitment of personnel for prescribed categories of posts and services in the establishment of Urban Local Bodies, Development Authorities etc.

Operational Guidelines on Green City Mission


To meet the growing challenge of rapid urbanisation, State Government wants to build environment friendly, sustainable, liveable, energy positive, IT friendly and safe city.