Discontinuation of Issuance of Cheque by Treasuries/ PAOs

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No:- 2699-F(Y) Dated: 10/05/2019


Sub: Discontinuation of issuance of cheque from different deposit accounts for depositing the General Provident Fund/ Provident Fund subscription in the Treasury Linked Bank

In terms of Circular No. DT/O/27/P-04/1893(84) dated- 13.09.2004 of Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts, West Bengal (DTA WB), recoveries on account of Provident Fund under Head of Account “8009-State Provident Fund” or “8336-00-800-Provident Fund” from the salaries disbursed through different deposit accounts viz. Local Fund/Other Deposits by submission of Advice are to be effected mandatorily through book transfer process. The Administrators of Deposit Accounts shall submit advice along with sufficient number of challans properly filled in for crediting the amount into the respective head viz. “8009-State Provident Fund” or “8336-00-800-Provident Fund” by debiting the concerned Head of Deposit Account.

But it has came to the notice of this Department that the provisions of the circular as stated above are not followed strictly in many Treasuries in West Bengal and instead cheques are being issued from Deposit Accounts for subsequent deposit of the amount in concerned Treasury Linked Bank.

The Government from sometime past was considering to ensure the provision of the DTA W.B. Circular No. DT/O/27/P-04/1893(84) dated- 13.09.2004 regarding the matter of deposition of General Provident Fund/ Provident Fund from Local Fund/Other Deposit Accounts mandatorily through book transfer process with an aim to reduce the unnecessary issuance of cheque, reduction in wastage of man power etc. Accordingly the Governor is pleased to direct that

  1. Administrator of Local Fund/Other Deposit Account shall submit By-Transfer Advice through Online PL module of IFMS introduced vide G.O No. 8060-F(Y) dated- 26.11.2015 accompanied by system generated challan in duplicate along with the Advice of Salary instead of asking for cheques.
  2. Treasury/Pay & Accounts Office on receipt of Advice shall process the Advice and accordingly the amount of General Provident Fund/Provident Fund shall be credited under the Head “8009-State Provident Fund” or “8336-00-800-Provident Fund”.
  3. Henceforth no cheques shall be issued by the Treasuries/Pay & Accounts from Local Fund/Other Deposit Accounts for General Provident Fund/Provident Fund deductions from the salaries for subsequent deposition into the Treasury Linked Bank.

This order shall take immediate effect. Necessary amendments in West Bengal Treasury Rule, 2005 shall be made in due courses.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Additional Chief Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2699-F dated 10.05.2019, Source