GITANJALI Housing Scheme to Provide Free Shelters


Name of the Department: Housing Department

Purpose of the project: In order to provide free shelters to the poor, the Government of West Bengal has launched a project under the name of Gitanjali. The project serves two purposes; it provides shelters to the economically weaker section of the society as well as creates additional employment opportunities for construction workers.

The State Government is providing Rs. 70 thousand per house in plain area and Rs. 75 thousand per house at Hill area and also at Sundarban area under the project. Through the District Magistrate 70% will be deposited as first instalment to the Bank account of the beneficiary and the residue 30% will be deposited as second instalment. To get the advantage the prospective beneficiary only should have a hassle free land by his own name.

Who can apply: Homeless but owner of a land and having monthly income below Rs. 6000/-, may apply under this project. In short, every poor of the state and specially those who are homeless due to flood or caving in of the embankment may apply.

Contact: Office of the S.D.O. or B.D.O. In every district D.M. or an Additional D.M. is in charge of the project

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