Grant of Puja/ Eid Ex-Gratia Relief to all Workers under FAWLOI Scheme for 2022

Government of West Bengal
Labour Department, I .R . Branch
New Secretariat Buildings, 12th Floor
1, Kiran Sankar Roy Road, Kolkata – 700001

No. Labr/430/(LC-IR)/22015(17)/6/2018 Date: 25.04.2022


The Governor is hereby pleased to grant a one time Puja/ Eid ex-gratia relief of a sum of Rs. 1500/- (Rupees one thousand five hundred) only per head to all workers for the year 2022 who are covered under the scheme for ‘Financial Assistance to the Workers in Locked-out Industrial Units‘ (FAWLOI) including those of the closed tea gardens.

Such grants will be made available only to those workers, who are eligible to draw the payment under the said scheme for the month of Eid & Puja festival.

By order of the Governor

Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. Labr-430 dated 25.04.2022, Source

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