Standard Guidelines to DDOs under PWD regarding Non-Plan Head

Proforma for Demand of Fund by the DDOs vide No. 003-PW dated 12.04.2022

Joint Secretary (Personnel)
Government of West Bengal
11 A, Mirza Ghalib Street (4th Floor)
Khadya Bhawan, Kolkata – 700087, West Bengal

No. 002-PWD April 12, 2022


This Department is entrusted with the task for allotment of fund under various salaried and non salaried heads of account pertaining to the major head 2052, 2059, 3054, 3451 etc. as per the demand placed by the DDOs from time to time.

  1. This Department has been ensuring that no hoarding of fund takes place unnecessarily under any particular DDO for a long span, so that the other DDOs are left deprived of fund.
  2. It has been found that a few DDOs ask for fund non salaried heads, from beforehand, thereby keeping it, blocked at their end. This results in disproportionate distribution of fund among DDOs and uneven draining. This matter has been under the serious consideration of this Department since some time past.
  3. Now, in order to streamline the procedure for allotment of fund, the undersigned hereby brings to the notice of all Drawing and Disbursing Officers under Public Works Department that fund, specifically allotted under the non salaried heads, shall be withdrawn unconditionally, unless utilized within two (02) months from the date of the allotment of fund in favour them.
  4. Thus, the DDOs are instructed to place their demand only when they are in a position to process the bills/ vouchers before the treasury, so that the fund gets utilized within the mentioned two (02) months, and the question of withdrawal of fund may not arise.
  5. This order issues in supersession of No. 31 dated 17.11.2021 of Public Works Department. All concerned are hereby intimated.

Joint Secretary (Personnel), PWD

No. 002-PWD dated 12.04.2022, Source

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