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Safety Cell

Hospital Level Fire Safety Committee in West Bengal


The “Hospital Level Fire Safety Committee” will consist of one representative from H&FW Deptt., one engineer each from Civil & Electrical Wing of PWD and one representative from Fire & Emergency Services Deptt.

Guideline for Safety and Security icw Madhyamik Pariksha, 2023

School Education.

Headmaster or Teacher-in-Charge in every school will constitute a Student Safety and Security Monitoring Committee (SSMC) with following members and will convene its meeting bi-monthly;

Guideline for Ensuring Safety and Security of Students in Schools

School Education.

Age-appropriate discussion with students by the teachers should be encourage to make students aware of there safety needs, precaution to be taken and to make deference between good or bad touch/ conversation.

Constitution of Safety Cell under Public Works Department

Public Works.

Constitution of Safety Cell under PWD for ensuring continuous maintenance and services of major government buildings including auditoriums, stadiums, hospitals etc.