Head Examiners, Examiners and Scrutineers of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2023

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
NiveditaBhavan, DJ-8, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091

No. D.S.(C)/068/23 Date: 12.03.2023

All Examiners, Head Examiners & Scruitineers,
Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2023


I am directed to notify that all the Head Examiners, the Examiners & the Scrutineers of Madhyamik Pariksha (SE) 2023 are advised to evaluate the answerscript as per guidelines of the Board and attendant inputs from Discussion Meetings of Head Examiners.

Furthermore, please ensure to follow the practice of caging at the end of the each answer of a particular question, as in operation from previous years.

It may also to be noted that in case caging is found absent at the end of the each answer subsequently, the liability would accrue upon the Examiners and Head Examiners, therefore every effort is to be taken to avoid such omissions and consequences.

This notification is being issued for the benefit of all concerned to reiterate WBBSE’s commitment for not only upholding error less evaluation process in the interest of the Examinees, but also protect the autonomy of wisdom of Head Examiner, Examiner and Scrutineer concerned.

Deputy Secretary (Examination)

No. DS-068 dated 12.03.2023, Source

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