Manual for Financial Advisors (FA)

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Budget Procedures
FRBM Act and Fiscal Indicators
Duties, Responsibilities and Powers of Financial Advisors
Modalities for Expenditure out of State Plan
Re-Appropriation of Funds under State Plan
Communication of Sanction & Allotment
Procurement and Auction
Management of Government fund through Bank Account
Important provisions of West Bengal Financial Rules (WBFR)
Important provisions of West Bengal Treasuries Rules (WBTR)
Public-Private Partnership
Service and Pay
Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)
Government Receipts Portal System (GRIPS)
Some of the recently introduced Process/System
Abolition of LOC system and Introduction of fund drawal from treasury for Public works, Forest, etc.
Public Sector Enterprises & Parastatal Bodies
Delegation of Financial Powers

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