New Salary Bill Calculator in EXCEL (SSS400)

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WBXPress is pleased to publish a nice excel utility which can be used for preparation of Salary bill upto 400 employees of Govt. of West Bengal and its 100% automatic. Though the Govt. of West Bengal making mandatory to use COSA, People may have a look at it to observe its features and simplicity and use it until COSA starts. Its name is SSS means Simple Salary Solution and in fact it is one click simple solution of Monthly Salary Bill. It has been prepared keeping the view of  West Bengal Treasury Rules, 2005.

This utility is prepared by Somnath Das, Katwa, Burdwan, works as a U.D.C. under Judicial Department, Burdwan. For any technical query please free to contact the author at

Lets have a look at this wonderful utility and use it as far as possible.

Download New Salary Bill in EXCEL (SSS400)

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