Observance of POILA BOISAKH as State Day of West Bengal

Government of West Bengal
Information & Cultural Affairs Department
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah- 711102

No. 1895/Secy/ICA/2023 Date: 30.12.2023


The necessity for declaration of ‘State Day’ and ‘State Song’ has been felt for a long time for the State of West Bengal, taking into consideration its rich glory, culture and heritage.

Now, after careful consideration, it is hereby declared that the POILA BOISAKH (1st day of the month of Boisakh of Bengali Calendar Year) will be observed as ‘STATE DAY’ of the State of West Bengal and will be named as “BANGLA DIVAS”.

Further, the song “Banglar Mati Banglar Jal” composed by Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, as given below is hereby declared as ‘STATE SONG’ for the State of West Bengal:-

Bengali version:

বাংলার মাটি, বাংলার জল, বাংলার বায়ু, বাংলার ফল–
পুণ্য হউক, পুণ্য হউক, পুণ্য হউক হে ভগবান ॥
বাংলার ঘর, বাংলার হাট, বাংলার বন, বাংলার মাঠ–
পূর্ণ হউক, পূর্ণ হউক, পূর্ণ হউক হে ভগবান ॥
বাঙালির পণ, বাঙালির আশা, বাঙালির কাজ, বাঙালির ভাষা–
সত্য হউক, সত্য হউক, সত্য হউক হে ভগবান ॥
বাঙালির প্রাণ, বাঙালির মন, বাঙালির ঘরে যত ভাই বোন–
এক হউক, এক হউক, এক হউক হে ভগবান ॥

English version:

“Banglar mati, Banglar jol, Banglar bayu, Banglar fal –
Punyo houk, punyo houk, punyo houk he bhagoban.
Banglar ghar, Banglar hat, Banglar bon, Banglar math –
Purno houk, purno houk, purno houk he bhagoban.
Bangalir pon, Bangalir asha, Bangalir kaj, Bangalir bhasa —
Satyo houk, satyo houk, satyo houk, he bhagoban.
Bangalir pran, Bangalir mon, Bangalir ghare jato bhai bon —
Ek houk, ek houk, ek houk he bhagoban.”

Approximate playing time of the ‘State Song’ is 1 min 59 sec.

The ‘State Day’ shall be celebrated by all the people of West Bengal with respect and dignity every year.

The ‘State Song’ shall compulsorily be played with due respect in all State Government functions at the start of the ceremony/ function and the ‘National Anthem’ shall be played compulsorily at the conclusion of the ceremony/ function.

All dignitaries/ persons shall stand in attention when the ‘State Song’ and ‘National Anthem’ are played and mass singing of the ‘State Song’ and ‘National Anthem’ should be encouraged.

Sd/- Dr. H. K. Dwivedi, IAS
Chief Secretary of the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1895-Secy dated 30.12.2023, Source

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