Panel of Transaction Advisers for PPP projects

Update: Validity of Panel of Transaction Advisers further extended.

Update: Validity of Panel of Transaction Advisers extended.

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department – PPP Cell
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001

No. FS-116 (PPP Cell)/2012, Dated: 10.09.2012


Subject: Panel of Transaction Advisers for PPP projects.

The Government of West Bengal has adopted a PPP policy to facilitate private investment in infrastructure. Implementation of this policy will require a capacity to determine the suitability and feasibility of PPP transactions and to implement agreed transactions. This entails that different departments and other organizations of the State Government have access to appropriate advisory support for the implementation of PPP transactions.

Accordingly, the Finance Department has finalised panels of pre-qualified Transaction Advisers (TAs) to assist the Government departments and organizations. Now, the Governor is pleased to notify the panels of Transaction Advisers, for their engagement by the various State Government departments and organizations.

The panels have been selected through a detailed evaluation undertaken for the scope of work as given below:

Sl No.SectorScope of WorkPanel No
1All SectorsGeneral Transaction Advisory Service of any nature in Infrastructure Projects in PPP mode including RFP preparation, Financial Modelling, Bid Management and Project ManagementA
2Transportation including inland water transportTechnical Pre Feasibility and Transaction Advisory ServiceB-1
3Urban Infrastructure including Solid waste management and Drainage & sewerageB-2
4Tourism Infrastructure and related facilitiesB-3
5Industrial and Related InfrastructureB-4
6Infrastructure in Social Sector including Water supply, treatment & distribution, Area Development and Commercial DevelopmentB-5
7Power and TelecommunicationB-6

The list of firms which have qualified as per the criteria laid down in the Request For Proposal (RFP) document and finally empanelled for the above mentioned panels is enclosed herewith as Annexure-I.

4. This panel is available to all the State Government departments and organizations who may undertake PPP projects. In case, the department does not fall in any of the sectors for which panel of Transaction Advisers has been drawn, it may select the panel nearest to the nature of work which it intends to undertake under PPP. Alternatively, the department may choose Transaction Adviser from Panel A (General Panel) which has firms with sufficient experience cutting across most of the fields and domains.

5. Empanelled firms have skills and experience to provide commercial, financial and legal services to support PPP transactions. The firms on the panel have already been assessed as capable of providing transaction management services. Subsequent engagement by the sponsoring/ requisitioning authority should be on the basis of a financial proposal, against a defined scope of work, from amongst the empanelled TAs through a limited bidding process. The lowest bidder (L-1 bidder) shall be entrusted to undertake the work with such resources outlined by them in their proposals and such CVs which were submitted by them for evaluation.

6. In case, if any department feels that the nature of project it wants to undertake is such that may not be covered with the advisory support of the empanelled TAs or for which the advisory scope is not covered through this notification, they shall have to invite fresh open tender for engagement of TAs.

7. The Government departments and organizations will contract directly with the Transaction Adviser empanelled for providing transaction management services. Finance Department, Government of West Bengal may only be kept informed on the use of the panel and the performance of firms. A copy of final report after completion of the transaction advisor’s assignment may be provided to this Department for the maintenance of the State’s Central PPP Database.

8. The details of the resources CVs submitted by the firms for empanelment will be shortly provided to the departments for best utilization of the resources. The contact list of the concerned persons of the empanelled firms will also be provided shortly after up-to-date compilation.

9. The panel is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue of this notification. In case if the selected firm, after the price bidding, is not able to professionally provide the required services, the matter should be brought to the notice of the Finance Department.

By order of the Governor,

Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. FS-116 dated 10.09.2012

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