Payment of JSY Benefit through A/c Payee Cheque

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Health Services
State Family Welfare Bureau
Swasthya Bhavan: A-wing, 3rd Floor
GN-29, Sector-V, Salt Lake City: Kolkata: 700 091

Memo No. HFW/NRHM-201/2008/923(71), Dated 07.06.2013

From :
Sanghamitra Ghosh
Commissioner (FW) &
Mission Director: NRHM

1-18) The Sabhadhipati (All Zila Parishad & Mahakuma Parishad: Siliguri)
19-37) The District Magistrates (All districts)
38) The Executive Director: GTA
39) The Director: State Urban Development Agency.
40-51) The Principal ………………………………………………..MCH
52-70) The CMOH………………………………………………..District
71) DFWO: Kolkata.


Madam/ Sir,

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department, GOI, has been stressing on moving away from direct cash payments to institutional payments (through A/C payee cheques) to JSY beneficiaries.

This office memo no. HFW/NRHM-676/2011/2679 dtd. 16.11.2012 may kindly be recalled, requesting CMOHs to arrange for payments to JSY beneficiaries through bank account. The resolution of the SLBC meeting dtd.18.10.12 to this may be seen in the enclosure. The SLBC has already instructed all Banks to open zero balance accounts in favour of JSY beneficiary. (Copy enclosed)

It has now been decided to disburse the payments under JSY Scheme to the eligible beneficiaries through scheduled banks from 1st July 2013.

Necessary instruction should be issued to BMOHS, BPHNs, DEOS, BAMs and ANMs regarding the new system. Activities to be undertaken :

1. All potential JSY beneficiaries should be enrolled in MCTS portal. No payment can be made to a beneficiary unless her name is enrolled in MCTS portal.

2. Entering Bank A/C Number in the RCH register.

3. If the beneficiary has an existing bank account the number is to be noted in the RCH register.

4. All entries- MCTS registration No., Bank Account No. be also made in the JSY Card and MCPC Card.

5. Similarly BPHC must enter all such information in MCTS portal.

6. Criteria for BPL and SC/ST will remain unchanged.

7. Mode of Payment:

a) For Institutional Delivery : Once a beneficiary is admitted in a health facility an A/C payee cheque of Rs. 1000 or Rs. 900, as the case may be, should be prepared by the office and handed over to ward sister -in charge.
The ward sister-in -charge will enter the name of the beneficiary, cheque no and date in the JSY payment register before/ at the time of discharge of the beneficiary.

b) For Home Delivery : An A/c payee cheque of Rs 500 will be prepared by the concerned BMOH/ Superintendent on receipt of information and documentation from the concerned ANM and the concerned ANM will hand over the cheque to the beneficiary after entering the name, cheque no. and date in the Integrated Register.

To reiterate, all districts, must mandatorily shift to bank payments to all JSY beneficiaries. There will be no cash payments to JSY beneficiaries w.e.f. 01.07.2013.

I would request you to monitor the scheme on priority basis and initiate all steps as indicated above for implementation of the scheme.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- S. Ghosh
Commissioner (FW) &
Mission Director: NRHM

No. HFW-923 dated 07.06.2013, Source

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