PPS/ PPR of Answer scripts of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2015

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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
Nivedita Bhawan, Block-DJ8, Sector-II, Karunamoyee, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700091

No. EMU/C/25 Date: 29.04.2015

Instruction for Post Publication Scrutiny (PPS) & Post Publication Review (PPR) of Written Answer scripts of Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E), 2015

ELIGIBILITY: For Submission of prayer for (i) PPS and (ii) PPR

A successful candidate may apply for PPS & an unsuccessful candidate may also apply for PPR within 15 days from the date of publication of result of M.P. (S.E) of that year through the Head of the Institution on submission of prescribed fees of Rs. 40/- & Rs. 50/- per paper/subject respectively.

DATE OF APPLICATION: A candidate seeking PPS/ PPR shall submit his/ her prayer for PPS/ PPR as the case may be, to the Head of the Institution in which he/ she belongs to in plain paper stating clearly (i) Name of the Candidate (ii) Roll No. and (iii) Name of the subject(s)/ Paper(s) for which PPS/ PPR is sought for alongwith the photocopies of the Mark sheet and the prescribed fees of Rs. 40/- for PPS & Rs.50/- for PPR only (in cash) per subject/ paper that may be collected together with Rs.2/- (in cash) per candidate per subject per paper by the school to meet the incidental expenses (if necessary).

The school shall (i) receive the application alongwith the prescribed fees from the candidates and scrutinized them properly alongwith Mark Sheet (ii) Prepare required number of copies of such Proforma (preferably original + 03 photocopies) according to the specimen copy of the Proforma, (iii) Prepare separate statement of applications received for PPS & the other for PPR. (iv) Compile the statement Forms in terms of the said Proforma and marks per subject/ paper column, (v) All fees must be submitted through e-collection challan prescribed by the Board, (vi) Submit the Application Forms for PPS/ PPR to the respective Regional Council Office in one lot within the stipulated date.

A) Each line of the Application Forms shall contain information of a particular candidate in respect of Subject(s)/ Paper(s) sought for PPS/ PPR.

B) In case of PPR the particular answerscript(s) will be assessed but the scope of PPS is confined to scrutiny and re-totaling only.

C) Board shall not accept any application directly from the candidate. The same shall be routed through the concerned Institution as mentioned earlier application for PPS/ PPR sent directly to the Board shall not be accepted and the prescribed fees remitted directly to the Board shall be forfeited.

D) Any application reaching to the Regional Council Office from the concerned Institution beyond the stipulated period (within 3 days) from the last date provided for ( applicant candidate) will not be considered.

Sd/- Secretary
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

No. EMU/C/25 dated 29.04.2015, Application Form