Precautionary Measures in Correctional Homes due to Corona

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Correctional Services
Jessop Building, 1st Floor, 63, N.S. Road, Kolkata- 1

No. 136/DG-IG/20 Dated, 16.03.2020


(1) The Superintendent, All Correctional Homos

(2) The Controller in Charge, All Subsidiary Correctional Homes

In view of outbreak of corona virus you are directed to take following precautionary measures in your Correctional Homes in addition to other measures already circulated vide this Directorate’s No. 135/DG-IG/20 Dated. 16.03.2020:

(i) To ensure screening of every prisoners during each admission from outside;

(ii) To immediate refer to outside Government Hospital in the cases showing any symptom of virus infection;

(iii) To keep prisoners who were close proximity of the suspected prisoners with cough and fever, in isolation cell;

(iv) To aware the prisoners about corona virus by posters inside the Correctional Home without creating any panic;

(v) To provide liquid soap to prisoners in order to ensure clean hygiene and sanitation;

(vi) To move the Ld. Courts so that maximum production can be done through video conferencing facilities to avoid outside contact;

(vii) To maintain social distance, particulary during interviews. No close interviews should be allowed;

(viii) To closely monitor the foreigners recently admitted in Correctional Homes or the prisoners having history of travelling abroad in recent past.

OSD & Ex-Officio DG & IG
Correctional Services, West Bengal

No. 136/DG-IG dated 16.03.2020, Source